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    Hi Support,
    1. I’m stumped. I’m trying to set up an Ajax portfolio with the 2/3 slider. My 2/3 slider is HUGE, the lightbox images display fine, but it seems no matter what size image I load into the preview image gallery I still get a slider that’s way too big. Same deal if I use the gallery setting. If I load a small image it’s blown up to fit the humongous slider and looks bad. I checked the forums and tutorials but couldn’t find a solution. I like the slider size that you have on the demo or something close.

    2. I couldn’t find the short code for the accordion/toggle that appears on the right side column in the demo It appears to be only available in the Avia layout?

    3. Finally, I couldn’t figure out how to use the AJAX features when I used the AVIA layout on the PF entry post. I set up the slider and accordion as shown in the tutorial.
    I only got a slider and accordion, etc… with no portfolio previews below.

    Thanks in advance, Love your theme, I’ve used it on a few sites and this is the first issue I couldn’t figure out on my own. Its probably a simple solution and Im just being a bonehead, I’ll appreciate any help,



    Hey Rosemary!

    1. Try adding this code to the Quick CSS:

    .portfolio-preview-image {
        width: 44.6%;
    .portfolio-preview-content {
        width: 55.4%;

    2. Use the magic wand to generate the shortcodes you mention in the preview area:

    3. What you tutorial are you referring to? the link you posted didn’t go through.



    Hi Josue,
    Thanks, I tried the CSS you sent but it didn’t seem to work. Any other ideas? It seems no matter what size the image is or what settings I choose I still get a ridiculously large image. See this page. and click on the UI preview. The same thing happens when I put the same images in an easy slider too.

    Figured out the short code, I knew how to insert short code but wasn’t getting all the options for some reason and no slider bar on the right. Now it’s working, must have needed a re-start.

    The Portfolio tutorial is in the video section of your documentation, called Intro to Portfolios

    Also, Is there a way to set up an easy slider that gives you a pretty box slideshow when you click on an image like the portfolio does?

    Thanks in advance,



    Make sure you set the featured image for each portfolio item:

    If you don’t like the size of the gallery then choose not to display a gallery/image on the ajax options and then insert your own content into the text area with shortcodes.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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