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    Hi @yigit

    1: I have a masonry gallery (settings see below)
    2: All uploaded images have 1600px on their longest side and have been optimized by Photoshop/Lightroom prior upload.
    3: The lightbox is supposed to show the images in their original sizes, CORRECT???

    But, if i click on the image the lightbox shows me my images in a completly new size: all are 1030px on their longest side.
    “…exampleimage-1030×508.jpg” and has 500KB
    The original image is “…exampleimage.jpg” and has 160 KB
    That means that something generates a new size which is smaller in dimensions but much bigger in size (KB)

    My media settings says:
    Big images: 1030px but why is this setting influencing my lightbox images????

    How to fix that?
    I want the masonry galleries lightbox showing the images in their native sizes!

    [av_masonry_gallery ids='25092,25091' caption_elements='none' caption_styling='' caption_display='on-hover' size='flex' orientation='' gap='large' columns='4' av-medium-columns='' av-small-columns='' av-mini-columns='' items='-1' paginate='pagination' color='' custom_bg='' overlay_fx='active' animation='active' container_links='active' link_dest='' lightbox_text='caption' lazy_loading='enabled' id='' custom_class='' av_uid='av-2lsgqo']

    This code did not help, at least not by simply adding it to the functions.php.
    The images are still 1030.



    Hey MarcusJeroch,

    Thank you for the inquiry.

    The theme sets the image or thumbnail quality to 100% from the default 80% set by WordPress. To revert the image quality back to default, we could use the following function or snippet.


    You will have to regenerate the thumbnails or upload the images again to see the changes.

    Best regards,


    I am NOT talking about the thumbnail quality.
    Please read again.



    Thank you for the update.

    If I understand correctly, you are wondering why the generated thumbnails file size is much bigger compare to the original image. Is that correct? Please note that the thumbnail quality directly affects the file size, so reducing the default quality should affect the final compressed size of the thumbnails. Also, image optimization plugins could also affect the final size of the thumbnails. Did you install an image optimization plugin?

    Best regards,


    I am not talking about thumbnails.
    Its about the LIGHTBOX_IMAGES



    The image used in the lightbox container is actually a thumbnail. Please try to add this snippet in the functions.php file to adjust the compression quality of the uploaded images including the thumbnail used in the lightbox container. And after adding the code, refresh the page, then upload the images again or regenerate the thumbnails.

     add_filter("avf_jpeg_quality", "avf_set_quality_mod", 9999, 1);
     add_filter("avf_wp_editor_set_quality", "avf_set_quality_mod", 9999, 1);
     function avf_set_quality_mod($quality) {
    	$quality = 80;
    	return $quality;

    The theme sets the default quality to 100.

    Best regards,


    Its NOT about the quality.
    Its about the DIMENSION
    Can you PLEASE read my post?



    Alright. The large thumbnail is set as the default size for the lightbox script, and currently the width is set to 1030px. You have to adjust the width and height of the large thumbnail in the Settings > Media panel, and as suggested above, you have to regenerate the thumbnails or upload the images again afterwards.

    Now if you want to decrease the file size of the generated thumbnails or images, please refer to our suggestions above. Just use the filter in the functions.php file, refresh the page and once again, regenerate the thumbnails or upload them again.

    However, if you want to use a different thumbnail size other than the default large thumbnail, try to use the provided filter in the previous thread.


    This should set the lightbox thumbnail size to full instead of large.

    Best regards,


    Yes, now the lightbox shows the images in the original Dmensions, but now i CANT upload pictures.
    YES, i checked several times, sometimes it works, sometimes not.
    But when i remove your code uploads work always

    `function avia_change_masonry_thumbnail_link($size) {
    return “full”;}
    add_filter(‘avf_avia_builder_masonry_lightbox_img_size’, ‘avia_change_masonry_thumbnail_link’, 10, 1);

    Die Verarbeitung des Bildes ist fehlgeschlagen. Der Server ist möglicherweise ausgelastet oder hat nicht genügend Ressourcen zur Verfügung. Eventuell hilft es, wenn Sie ein kleineres Bild hochladen. Die vorgeschlagene Maximalgröße ist 2500 Pixel.



    The snippet should not affect the media uploader because it only sets the size of the lightbox image link for the masonry items. It Looks like a server issue though. What is the usual size of the images that you are trying to upload? It might be too large, so uploading a smaller one should prevent that error from occuring. Increasing the PHP memory limit should help as well.

    Processing of the image failed. The server might be busy or not have enough resources. It may help if you upload a smaller picture. The suggested maximum size is 2500 pixels.

    Best regards,


    Like i already said in my first post:

    2: All uploaded images have 1600px on their longest side and have been optimized by Photoshop/Lightroom prior upload.

    Memory limit is definitely enough. Promise.

    Ok…maybe the server but its a strange correlation though.



    Would you mind posting the site details so that we could check the issue? Please post the info in the private field.

    Best regards,

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