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    Hi Support
    I have already posted 2 tickets to my issue and followed all the recommended steps (including from below), but still am unable to edit pages or create new ones.
    Can you urgently help. I notice there are a number of other people that have posted similar issues?

    Also many other aspects of the site are not working, such as mobile meny unavailable.

    Also as a backup can I downgrade to a older version? What do you recommend.



    Hi NimbleIT,

    You are getting some JavaScript errors on the page when it tries to load the builder, could you please try to overwrite the theme files with a fresh copy from your Themeforest account via FTP to see if that helps?



    I have done the suggestions but it still doesn’t work.
    I can’t edit any page, plus there are options like Mobile Menu missing.

    I have deleted the Enfold files and reloaded fresh theme files via FTP.
    I have also deactivated all plugins. (Currently reactivated only one that didn’t make a difference)
    Do you have any other ideas to try?

    This the the 4th time I have been told to replace theme files. I have done by C Panel twice. Copied over the top via FTP once and just now deleted all theme files and recopied a fresh set.

    Is there something else you could help me with to get this working. I have been asking for help for several weeks now.


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    Ok, I’m sorry about the problems. I would suggest you to not start new threads next time though since otherwise it’s more less impossible for us know what you have tried and not tried if there are multiple threads.

    Did you try completely removing the theme and then uploading a fresh copy from your Themeforest account?



    Yes I have deleted the Theme via ftp and then downloaded a new theme from Themeforest, then copied another new theme via ftp to the wp-content .. themes location.

    Sorry for the multiple tickets but the response time to my requests is very slow and I thought I wasn’t going to get an answer again.

    Can somebody please help and not tell me to copy the theme again?


    Is there another step I should be doing between deleting theme and reloading a fresh copy?
    Such as other files to delete/ update or even switching to another theme before going back to Enfold.




    No those steps should be enough, to be sure that everything is working perfectly.

    Let us know if it works



    The Theme is definitely copied correctly. There is something else blocking the site from working.
    I have copied the fresh theme to another site and it works fine.

    Can anybody at Kriesi help.
    To explain the situation again.
    I can’t edit any pages. The cursor just spins. Also can’t create new pages.
    There is also other limited functionality, such as mobile menu options aren’t listed and there is no mobile menu in responsive site.
    I have reloaded the theme many times. Currently I have deleted the theme and replaced with another new copy, all from ftp access.

    Any help would be appreciated. This is very urgent for the website. Please offer some advice other than replacing the theme files as this has been done



    Login details are not working anymore, could you check/verify please?



    I have given up waiting for support from you and changed my site to another theme.



    Ok, sorry to hear that. Hope you have better luck with your other theme.



    I am also having all these issues on two separate sites that use this theme and have had no luck with replacing the theme files via ftp, or disabling plugins etc as suggested by moderators. I cannot edit any pages through the page builder, I only get the spinning wheel. Is Kriesi working to fix this major issue? Will there be any helpful support for these problems? I have a number of customizations that make switching themes difficult and costly.



    Please start a new thread and include admin login details in private so that we can have a closer look.

    Best regards,

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