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    After updating to Enfold version! (4.3.1) Layer Slider is not working. Help!!


    Hey rasa,

    It’s displaying fine on my end, could you try clearing your browser cache and reload the page? You could also check in an incognito window using Chrome or check in a different browser.

    Best regards,


    Hi Rikard,
    In reading through the notes on the new update, I took out the LayerSlider shortcode and put in a LayerSlider module from the layout builder.

    However on another page, I had a LayerSlider in a ¾ width box, using the shortcode. The module in the layout builder is only full screen, so I followed the advice on another thread where a number of folks have the same issue:

    I put in a blank LayerSlider, 1px high, and then the ¾ LayerSlider started working again. I didn’t use the CSS fix the fellow suggested, but I may.



    We have notified our developers to check it and they are working to get it fixed out.

    Best regards,


    Same problem. I have too many pages using the layerslider shortcode to have to add another fake LayerSlider as a fix!!


    I’m having the same issue, with LayerSliders as headers on nearly every page of my site. They’re displayed as empty content boxes, the same height as if they had content, but just empty.

    Please help.


    After trying to restore from a previous backup to get my site back, I am now getting a fatal error on the backend (wp-admin). Here’s the error

    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare av_upcoming_events_fallback() (previously declared in /home/despera1/public_html/ in /home/despera1/public_html/ on line 13

    Any thoughts?


    Hi rasa,

    Thanks for the feedback, we are aware of the problem and we’re working on a solution. Like you mentioned, an actual LayerSlider element is needed to be able to use shortcode.

    Best regards,


    Hi scarlettr8 and jtmeggs,

    Please open your own thread and include details to your site so that we can help you out individually.

    Best regards,



    Our devs just shared a solution. Please refer to this post –


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