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    Hi GWS,

    Are you using an HTML layer?
    Here’s their documentation link:

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    I encountered exactly the same issue upon updating from 5.6.2 to 5.6.5. Completely breaks our post meta Advanced LayerSlider, which has worked perfectly for several years. On our slider, the slide uses the post image as background image, and also fetches the title, excerpt, and url (as text blocks and a button). In the LayerSlider editor, it’s populating the data perfectly and rendering it visually. However on the actual web page, it’s all blank, instead showing a blank white background and broken shortcodes. (The issue can’t have anything to do with HTML layers, as the slide background isn’t treated as a layer at all. Also, I tried using an HTML layer for the title instead of a Text layer, but that didn’t do anything either.) We “fixed” the site by rolling back to 5.6.2. See the private content for a link to our live site (5.6.2), and screenshots of both the correct behavior. Screenshot of the broken 5.6.5 version:


    Could I get a response to my last reply, please? Will you be fixing this issue in an update? Do you have a fix I can implement now? Thanks.



    The issue is in LayerSlider 7.7.10 which is included in Enfold 5.6.5. The LayerSlider team fixed the issue in version 7.7.11.

    We’ll update LayerSlider and release an update.

    Downgrading Enfold to version 5.6.3 would fix this issue. I attached it in the private content field.

    I cannot see the issue on your website. Please let us know if you’d like us to email you version 5.6.3.

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    @Yigit Thank you. You emailed it to me on a different post. I appreciate it.


    Thank you, Yigit. I appreciate you checking into LayerSlider and will watch for the next release of Enfold with LayerSlider 7.7.11 applied.
    Any idea if the latest release of WordPress 6.3 will have any bearing on this? I’m guessing not, but thought I’d ask anyway.


    Glad Yigit could help, we can’t say what a future version of WordPress might do, but I don’t imagine that it will.
    Unless there is anything else we can assist with on this issue, shall we close this then?

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    Yes, Mike. Please close the ticket. Thank you!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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