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    I have a sort of more complex capability that I need to put into my menu system…I need to put into a single menu item the url to call for the resource to be accessed. I also need to add a little icon next to the menu item to popup information related to this item. These are two separate urls but below to the same item and therefore the client wants them together sort of like this

    > menu item [o]

    both the “menu item” and the “[o]” need to be clickable and go to unique links.

    I am pretty advanced so its not a problem to implement something complex. However, I as I am certain that I am not the first person looking to create custom menu items or interface objects.

    Thanks again for your help and feedback


    Hi mocablue!

    So your trying to extend the menu links so instead of one link there is actually two links? My first thought would have been to add an extra link to the navigation label of each menu but that of course would not be possible because you cannot nest links. You would have to edit the menu walker I suppose and that would take a lot of time and code so it would have to be considered custom work.

    It would be best to hire a freelancer to help you out with this customization.



    I am a developer usually write complex applications for trading and markets but also media so i have no problem doing this…just was looking for direction…seems like its pretty straight forward for me to add a parameter for a URL that tells me which item was clicked and from what I see there are lots of options for putting a custom class reference into the menu item…i just can not find documentation or working examples i can reference. Also, I can not find a complete css reference for enfold – so I keep having to ask about css when I think I could just look it up somewhere – is there anything like that?



    Maybe, you’re looking for this:

    // similar behavior as an HTTP redirect
    // similar behavior as clicking on a link
    window.location.href = "";

    As suggested above, add another link in the Navigation label, enclosed in a span tag with a unique id or class attribute or something like that.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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