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    I’ve been editing the Advanced LayerSlider, and most of my settings are accurately displayed in the Preview within the editor, except for some I will mentioned below. However, when viewing the slider implemented on the home page, a lot of the layers turn out illegible.

    Even in the Preview, though, layers that are supposed to disappear (“Show Until”) take a few milliseconds longer to actually do so, or don’t disappear at all.


    Hey erikkIsrael!

    Can you please give us a link to the website with the slider? Please watch this video to learn more about the LayerSlider plugin:

    Best regards,

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    The preview is not an exact duplication of the LayerSlider on the front end but an approximation under the best possible circumstances. It doesn’t load into the full width container, doesn’t run against any other scripts or css loading etc.

    I would try simplifying the second slide and break it into multiple slides. The overlaps on the text items is probably in how the plugin is trying to fit the content into the window based on the initial layout you created in the editor.

    For complex layouts its best if you don’t need to rely on pixel perfect reproduction since the site and slideshow is responsive and it changes as the user has a different size screen or just adjusts their window.



    Thanks Devin,

    That’s fairly disappointing. The LayerSlider is one of my favorite features of the theme, and it seemed to work fine for the demo that came with it.

    I don’t understand why the text boxes on the left side in the demo rendered just fine, but as soon as I changed the text in them, they no longer aligned correctly (and I admit this might be a coding error on my part).

    I get that pictures overlapping can cause some issues – but what about the timing? I set the times so that they disappear before another set appears, yet that’s not how the slider renders.



    The settings are far to easy to set incorrectly unfortunately. Try going through each step in the slide, saving, testing on the page live and then moving on to make sure that each step is rendering how you want it.

    LayerSlider isn’t something that Kriesi developed but instead comes bundled with the theme. So there are some things that we are unable to change in order to keep it updated.

    If you can provide admin credentials in a private reply we can log in and take a look to see if we can spot anything to help as well.

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    It looks like you’ve simplified things a bit and there are no major issues at least when looking right now. Hopefully with a bit of trial and error you will be able to get a end result you are happy with.


    Yes. Unfortunately, the image still does not center at the top…


    If its an item on top of the background image you can try making its position a percentage (45% for example). Otherwise the inline documentation for Layerslider under the help tab is the best source I know of for its settings.

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    Hello @nitramgiup,

    Please try to deactivate all third party plugins to see if it gets fixed.



    Hello, The only ones I have plugins that are enabled -Simple CAPTCHA- and -WP-Super Cache-



    Can you create an administrator account and post it here as a private reply?


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    Hola Martina,

    Me parece que es un problema con tu instalación de WordPress (específicamente el directorio /wp-admin), porfavor intenta instalarlo de nuevo.


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