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    I am creating a password protected page with some custom changes in wordings etc to suit my branding. As such, I have made some changes on the functions.php of my child theme for Enfold.

    Searching the forums, I found that I could use the echo_shortcode to display Advanced Layer Slider via codes. But when I did this, the slider did not display as full width.

    What would be the right way to display the Advanced Layer Slider as a full width slider (just like on any other page where it occupies the full width of the page) on the coded Password Protected page ?

    I am using the latest version of Enfold (version 4.4).


    Hey Linda,

    Thanks for the link, though it’s password protected and you didn’t post the password. Why exactly do you need to add the LayerSlider using shortcode?

    Edit; I saw that you are using a LayerSlider on the password protection page. It’s not fullwidth since it’s within the container element, if you want it to be fullwidth then you will likely need to make the whole page fullwidth.

    Best regards,

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    Hello Rikard,

    Sorry I should have posted the password too. Its here (on the Private Content).

    Once you login, you would see that the actual page (content behind the password form) is in fact having a full width advanced layer slider. Now, as the two pages look different (the one with the password field) and the actual one, I am only trying to make both look similar.

    You say –

    It’s not fullwidth since it’s within the container element, if you want it to be fullwidth then you will likely need to make the whole page fullwidth.

    How do I make that page fullwidth? Would it be okay to give you the codes I have for the password form page? (its also included on the private content).

    Thanks again and I do hope that the issue would be resolved sooner :)


    Like Rikard said, you posted the slider withing a content box. Just drag and drop it outside of the container and it will be full width.

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    @insanitynl – I am doing it via codes. So there is no drag and drop.



    Unfortunately, it would require quite some time and customization of the theme to achieve this, so I am sorry to tell you that this is not covered by our support. However, if it’s really important for you to get this done, you can always hire a freelancer to do the job for you :)

    Best regards,


    Okay, I browsed and found this one for a slider – (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -protected-login-page/

    Not sure if this will work good with the Advanced Layout Slider that I want to use! Maybe Yigit (if he is around) can help better



    What you have to do, is here:

    echo do_shortcode( “[av_slideshow_full size='no scaling' stretch='' animation='slide' autoplay='false' interval='5' control_layout='av-control-hidden' src='' attachment='' attachment_size='' position='top left' repeat='no-repeat' attach='scroll']
    [av_slide_full slide_type='image' id='46' video='http://' mobile_image='' video_format='' video_ratio='16:9' title='Welcome to members area' custom_title_size='30' custom_content_size='' caption_pos='caption_center' link_apply='' link='lightbox' link_target='' button_label='Click me' button_color='light' link1='manually,http://' link_target1='' button_label2='Click me' button_color2='light' link2='manually,http://' link_target2='' font_color='' custom_title='' custom_content='' overlay_opacity='0.5' overlay_color='' overlay_pattern='' overlay_custom_pattern=''][/av_slide_full]

    [/av_slideshow_full]” );

    to replace with the Advanced Layout Slider shortcode and it can work.

    Best regards,

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