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    I cant figure out how to fit the advanced layer slider into a 2/3 layout, it always goes full width….
    Any Ideas?


    Hello ndoriss!

    LayerSlider works only fullwidth in Enfold. You can try Easy Slider instead if you would like to fit a slider inside 2/3 column

    Best regards,


    the easy slider was stretching my images if fit, I wanted them to be all the same size, so I changes them in photoshop to be all the same resolution and pixel dimensions…..
    after doing this easy slider still stretches the images depending on if the image was taken in landscape or portrait, even though every image is now exactly the same size…
    So I started using advanced slider….
    Can I use easy slider and not have it stretch my images?



    Can you post the link to your website where you have easy slider?



    I just made the easy slider again


    I have selected “no scaling, original height and width” and it still is stretching the images



    The sliders are set to adapt to the screen size you are viewing them at so they will stretch to fit the space. If they are smaller than the full width of the page or the partial width of a page with a sidebar you can put the slideshow inside a column element to contain it to a smaller size.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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