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    If I edit a page in default editor and then I switch to advance layout editor, every thing goes OK, but if I try to go again to default editor all my content is gone !!.

    Same thing happens if I start a page in advance layout editor and then I click on default editor.

    Please I need this to be fix



    Hi ElEquipoE,

    This is intentional as the theme doesn’t allow you to switch on the fly from the visual editor to the Advanced Layout Editor.

    So in this case there isn’t a fix to be had as its a safety measure by Kriesi to prevent issues from switching between the two.




    Well then you should disable going from standard to advance, witch is not and it is a shame that if for any reason you click on the standard editor you lose every thing. I understand that you guys have a lot of work with this template but to me it sounds more like a bug than a restriction. Is there a way I can disable this behavior?



    Switching on the fly without saving doesn’t cause you to lose anything. Its only after saving that the other content is cleared out.

    With that in mind I can’t really see a point where you would want to jump between two completely different versions of the same page but I’ll tag the topic for Kriesi as he is the final word on these things.

    In the mean time however I’ll close the topic as I don’t want to it really turn into a deep back and forth on the issue.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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