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    Hi there,
    i have some questions regarding the styling possibilities in the WC checkout area.
    1) i wonder if i can change font color for the text in table and other. i am using a black background for my page, and the text that goes into the forms (name, address etc) and in other places such as listing of product are right now in a dark gray which makes it hard to read.
    is this covered by the enfold styling panel or do i need so css?

    2) text in checkout where products are listet (in the table) appears in differrent grey tones. it looks good if you have 10 different items, but once you have two products listed i wonder if it could not be same color/transparency allthrough. any suggestions how to change that?

    3) any of the error/alert boxes comes in a different color. some backgroudn make the text in it hard to read. is there any chance to adapt that style to the enfolds one – or is there any possibility to change the color values of those boxes?

    thanks so much in advance


    Hi aovivo!

    It should be inheriting the themes styles but if you can provide a link to your site we can target those ares specifically with some css and you can use that to customize it as needed.


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    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under Styling tab

    #top .main_color .input-text, #top .main_color input[type='text'] { color: white; }
    .main_color tr:nth-child(even) { color: inherit; }
    .woocommerce-error strong { color: black; }

    Best regards,


    Two words for you guys: aw some!
    works perfectly. the table is now good to read! thanks so much for your efforts!
    my best regards

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