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    Hi, I am currently testing the usage of pop-up functionality in order to offer an e-book subscription pop-up window on our start page, poping up after four seconds.
    We so far managed to implement it along with some support tickets, thus using the following code on the child functions.php – however, the code does not display the forms full size so that the user will have to scroll down on the window. Also we are looking for a solution to have the background colour of the window changed in line with the start page colour, e.g. #6786a1. For your reference, you will find in the first footer column two E-Book related links (called “Bestellformular”, one was composed with an iframe tag, the other with a prettyPhoto tag. The latter one displays the form in its full size.

    Following is the code:
    function add_custom_script(){
    $(window).load(function() {
    setTimeout(function(){ $(‘.popup_trigger’).trigger(‘click’) }, 4000);
    add_action(‘wp_footer’, ‘add_custom_script’);


    Hey René,
    Unfortunately you can’t change the background color of the iframe because of cors policies and they are also using !important; on the background color.
    But you can reduce the scale of the form and increase the iframe to show the full form via css, Try this code in the General Styling > Quick CSS field:

    div.mfp-iframe-scaler,#_form_32_._form _form_32 _inline-form  {
    height: 150vh !important; 
    iframe {
      -moz-transform: scale(0.70, 0.70); 
      -webkit-transform: scale(0.70, 0.70); 
      -o-transform: scale(0.70, 0.70);
      -ms-transform: scale(0.70, 0.70);
      transform: scale(0.70, 0.70); 
      -moz-transform-origin: top left;
      -webkit-transform-origin: top left;
      -o-transform-origin: top left;
      -ms-transform-origin: top left;
      transform-origin: top left;

    Feel free to adjust to suit.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike, Great, works nicely. Thanks a lot!
    Cheerio, René



    I’m glad you got this corrected. If you need additional help, please let us know here in the forums.

    Best regards,
    Jordan Shannon

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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