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    First of all, very happy with Enfold, but I’ve run into a problem.
    2 related questions:

    1. I’d like to have Tags that are clickable and take you to a ‘archive page’. That’s okay, but I’d want it with the ‘magazine’ element.

    I tried changing the magazine.php with this
    $magazine_category = get_the_category($entry->ID);
    $output .= “<div class=’av-magazine-content-wrap’>”;
    $output .= “<header class=’entry-content-header’>”;
    $output .= “<time class=’av-magazine-time updated’ {$markupTime}>”.$time.”</time>”;
    $output .= $separator.$author_output.” / ” .$magazine_category[0]->name;
    $output .= “<{$titleTag} class=’av-magazine-title entry-title’ {$markupTitle}>{$title}</{$titleTag}>”;
    $output .= “</header>”;
    if($excerpt)$output .= “<div class=’av-magazine-content entry-content’ {$markupContent}>{$excerpt}</div>”;
    $output .= “</div>”;
    $output .= “<footer class=’entry-footer’></footer>”;
    $output .= “</article>”;

    return $output;

    but it only shows a “/ *categoryname*” next to the date. No link like you have for exampe when using a post slider.
    Could you help me on my way please? I tried adding a href’s and tried as well with ‘get the tag’ but none worked. I’m unsure of what I’m doing wrong.

    2. While trying to make this work I got a ‘/’ on the bottom of all pages with the magazine or post slider on them. I can’t target it and don’t know where it comes from, I can’t seem te get rid of it anymore and pulling my hair here on how to fix it :)

    I made an account for you guys so you can check it out.
    Thank you in advance

    • This topic was modified 3 years, 8 months ago by Kristof.

    Hey Kristof,

    To get the link you need to use this function:

    get_category_link( $magazine_category[0]-> cat_ID ) 

    and then use the link to wrap the category name in it.

    https://cl.ly/3c232b14186c The slash is from here :) When the rest is empty you get the slash before the category.

    Best regards,


    Hey Victoria

    Sorry for my late answer and thank you for this. I tried the get_category_link but I couldn’t get it to work. I’m unsure of what I did wrong :(
    Could you maybe explain a little bit more please?

    Thank you!


    Hi Kristof,

    Please share the code that you’re using.

    Best regards,

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