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    I have a question

    I would like to add woocommerce to an existing enfold site.
    I was thinking adding a second wordpress into a subfolder/subdomain. This way I can set up the shop without interfering with the live site.
    I was wondering if I do this, is it still possible to use woocommerce elements like product grid or product slider?


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    Hey Wolf,
    If you add a second WP to a subdomain you will also need to add a second Enfold to use the elements, but the first domain with your live Enfold will not be able to use the woocommerce elements from the second on the first. They will act as two separate sites.

    Best regards,


    Alright, too bad. If I would add woocommerce to an existing enfold website. How would you recommend to build the webshop without the site being down for maintenance? Is it possible to develop a large part of a new website without it being accessible for visitors? Or would you say this is a bad idea to try.



    Can you try to check this post, it might help: https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/144919/maintenance-mode-just-for-woocommerce-shop-pages

    Best regards,

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