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    I have Enfold version 1.5. At the moment I can’t get my custom widgets to display in the sidebar of any page. I know someone else has posted this as an issue and I will follow that thread. However, I’m also trying to figure out how to place a custom widget on a page. For example:

    [av_one_half first]Some content here[/av_one_half]

    [av_one_half][Custom widget shortcode here][/av_one_half]

    Is there a way to do this either with a shortcode or in the advanced layout editor? This functionality worked with the Eunoia theme.

    Thanks in advance guys. The theme is sooo good by the way. I looked up the top 10 new trends in web design and this theme covers them all! Well done Christian & Team!


    Id did it this way: Add a new widget area/sidebar under Widgets. Add some widgets to that area and use the advanced layout editor to display this new widget area on a page. Quite simple.


    I see it now: in the advanced layout editor the option is under ‘Content Element’ and is called ‘Sidebar’. This is what threw me. Thanks Michael. Very helpful!



    Glad you found it. :)

    You can also create a new custom sidebar on Appearance > Widgets > Enfold Custom Widget Area, add a new widget area.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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