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    Great theme, but I have 2 big dilemmas relating with each others.

    First of all I want to add nofollow links on some of my buttons (created with inbuilt shortcodes).

    How do I do this?

    I tried to copy the HTML code of the button and insert it to the page with an added rel=nowfollow. However this bugs out the page, removing all content and making it looks weird (almost as if there was an unclosed tag).

    The ‘bugging out’ forced me to recreate an wordpress autosave of the page, meaning I never found the solution…

    This also brings me to my second problem: I can’t find old saves of my BLOG POSTS, and actually my blog post editor is very bugged out. I can’t click the post meta elements (Like the excerpt box or other setting boxed. As an example I can’t click on the ‘add category’ button, when editing single posts.).

    Thanks i

    PS: Here’s an example of a page on my domain with shortcode buttons in which I’d like to add nofollow links.


    Hi frederikbf1,

    I’ve moved this over to the Enfold forum since it was in the General Questions section.

    There isn’t an option at the moment to add nofollow to any individual button so unfortunately there isn’t anything we can do to help on that at the moment.

    For the post editing issues, I’m not sure why that would happen but if you have any active plugins try disabling them to make sure there isn’t a conflict there.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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