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    Got it. Hopefully this will help anyone else who also would like to add more than just one custom social media icon. Follow the tutorial linked above, and make your list of icons in functions.php like this (at least this is what worked for me by trial and error and guessing and hoping).

    // Add new icons as options for social icons.
    function avia_add_custom_social_icon($icons) {
    	$icons['Baidu'] = 'baidu';
    	$icons['Lenovo User Community'] = 'luc';
    	$icons['Wechat'] = 'wechat';
    	$icons['Weibo'] = 'weibo';
    	return $icons;
    add_filter('avf_social_icons_options','avia_add_custom_social_icon', 10, 1);

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    Great, glad you got a working solution and thanks for sharing, much appreciated :-)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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