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    HI, as stated above, i need help in adding the advanced layout builder to custom post types.

    I have followed the steps shown in the video you posted but it doesnt seem to work. The advanced layout option is still not available when i create a custom post type. Any solutions?



    It is working fine on our end. Are you sure you followed the video correctly then added the correct post type?

    Also, don’t forget to click Screen Options then enable Avia Layout Builder on post panel.




    yes i am pretty sure i have done as per the video. I cant seem to find that option to enable avia layout builder when i create my custom post?


    Hi promowl,

    In the upper right hand corner click on Screen Options and then check the box for the Advanced Layout Editor.

    Just note however we don’t actually support adding the advanced layout editor to custom post types at this time. Nick made the video as a request but Kriesi hasn’t yet decided that the Advanced Layout Editor is to a point where it is extensible to other post types (the same with regular posts).




    tried alr. the option for avia layout builder is not there


    Unfortunately it really is a non-supported issue. Your best route if the video tutorial isn’t working for you would be to look into a freelance developer.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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