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    HI guys,

    is it possible to add videos hosted on AWS3 (AmazonS3) rather than Vimeo or Youtube? If so, how?

    They load much faster and result in a mich better user experience.

    I would like to add them also within a slide in the Layerslider and play them automatically when the slider loads.

    I tried adding a shortcode from OptimizePress that has the video on AWS3 autoplay but I only see the same shortcode in the front end once saved?

    Any clue?



    Great theme, I love it!


    Hi Antonio,

    It doesn’t look like they are supported yet ( since the theme just uses the wordpress function.

    You could try using an iframe that just has the video in it, but it would be a few extra steps to set up for each.

    Using the raw output instead of a shortcode will probably give you a better result if you have access to the raw code for outputting the video, but I’m not familiar with the plugin or using S3 hosted video files at the moment.




    I see. I am not familiar with iframe (don’t really know what that is and how to use it), thanks anyway.

    I don’t know if you ever heard it or not, but OptimizePress is a WP theme created for sales pages and the like which has an infrastructure allowing self hosted videos on places like AWS3 to be embedded seamlessly. I use it for my membership site and it works great.

    I just wondered whether it was possible to do that too in Enfolder, since your theme is so awesome.

    You might want to investigate into AWS3 sooner or later, for it is much better than YouTube or Vimeo if you want videos to play fast, seamlessly and in a pretty professional way.

    Thanks for the support anyway.

    So the only way to have a video autoplay would be to use a layer or the text editor within the text block element and stuff the embed code which has the autoplay from Vimeo/Youtube?



    When using embed code/iframe code you’ll get the best results while not using the advanced layout editor at the moment.

    Some users have mentioned that when trying to show autoplay videos, the advanced layout editor has issues.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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