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    Good Morning!

    I currently have a logo and custom background image set up, but we’re looking to have a secondary image/banner added to the right of the logo. This would probably be a .PNG that would fade into the background image I’m currently using and include a tagline. How would I go about doing this without breaking the current theme? I would typically dive into the PHP files, but everything is set up so well in the theme options that I want to see the best way possible to do this without breaking anything.

    Here is the current site to view:

    The banner would run until the search icon, and be ontop of the light blue section.

    Thank for the assistance!!!

    – John Haswell


    Hey John Haswell!

    Try the solution i provided here:



    Thanks Josue – I actually ended up doing a static background and an extended floating .PNG to mimic two images. It seemed to do the trick for this one. Appreciate the follow up though and I’ll do it this way in the future!



    Great news John, always glad to help :)



    John/Josue, I’m hoping you can help with my header issue. I’m trying to add a second graphic to the header aligned to the bottom of the logo but on the right edge of the “container” (i believe).

    the website is:

    Currently the Casco logo and the trade association logos are a single image. But I need the trade association logos on the right side of the header flush right to the phone number and search graphic.

    Please advise


    Hey Kevin!

    I see have been able to add the URL of the image in a .header-addition div, what you need to do is make it an img element:

    <div class="header-addition"><img src=""></div>



    Hi Josue, thanks the the quick reply. I tried that but I’m getting a syntax error.



    What error are you getting? what code are you using to add the img to the header?



    Line 102: echo “<div class=’header-addition’>“</div>”;


    echo “<div class=’header-addition’>“</div>”;



    Try with this:

    echo '<div class="header-addition"><img src=""></div>';


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    Yes! You Rock. It worked. I’ve been working on this for longer than I care to admit. Can you help me nudge it into position? The quick css should be .header-addition { ??? }?

    Thanks so much.



    Try this:

    div.header-addition {
        position: absolute;
        top: 30px;

    Best regards,


    Much obliged. I’ve got a navigation issue I need help with too. Should I create a new ticket or can we continue on this one?


    It would be better to create another topic for that.

    Best regards,

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