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    I’m trying to add a full screen background that will display behind the header, content and footer. The header and footer will have a semi-transparent background so you will be able to see some of the background image behind them. But I’m having a hard time getting the background to show up. Is there a way to do that?


    Update… I think I figured it out.

    I created a div that wrapped around/contained everything on the page (starting in header.php and ending in footer.php) and put the background in that div. The main issue I was having is the background was there, but the background colors specified for the logo area and footer socket in the theme options were displaying on top of the background. I removed those/left them blank and can see the background now. I suspected that was the issue, but it was a little strange that the background specified for the footer socket also filled in the main content area. When I removed the socket background it fixed the content area at the same time.



    If you are not making these customizations using a child theme all changes will be lost when you update the theme.

    To use a child theme please check

    Coming to your issue what you are trying to do can be achieved using Advanced Layout Builder > Layout elements > Color Section

    Please turn on custom class support (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -for-all-alb-elements/

    Go ahead and create a temporary user with ‘administrator’ role and share in private content with permission to add custom code if necessary.

    And lastly please share a mockup design of what are trying to achieve so we can help you better.

    Best regards,
    Vinay Kashyap


    Hi Vinay. Thanks for the reply. As per my previous post, I was able to figure it out. And yes, I am using a child theme.

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