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    I’m trying to add some more custom icons in a child theme. It’s easily accomplished in functions.php $avia_config[‘font_icons’] array. But in order to have them as options in the theme settings dropdown, they also need to be in includes/admin/register-admin-options.php

    I’ve tried creating the same folder path in my child theme, but the desired admin options and correct icon won’t display unless the changes are placed in the parent theme’s files. I’ve also simply tried editing the $avia_elements array array push from register-admin-options.php and placing it in functions.php.

    None of the above has worked so far, and I’d really prefer to have these changes in a child theme. Possible?



    Try using the avf_default_icons filter, refer to this article: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -theme-elements/

    Best regards,


    Hi Josue,

    Two issues — For one, if it had worked, it’s only addressing half the issue. The icons are set in the function referenced in functions.php, and then made available for the admin dropdown in register-admin-options.php. The post linked only references functions.php.

    For two — It also doesn’t work. ;) I tried adding a filter to the child theme’s functions.php and commenting out the entry in enfold’s parent functions.php and it disabled the icon completely.



    I’m not sure which settings dropdown you mean on the admin page but I guess you want to use the icons as “social icons”? If yes this post will help you:

    Best regards,


    I’m referring to this particular function in register_admin_options.php:

    $avia_elements[] =	array(
    					"type" 			=> "group",
    					"id" 			=> "social_icons",
    					"slug"			=> "header",
    					"linktext" 		=> __("Add another social icon", 'avia_framework'),
    					"deletetext" 	=> "Remove icon",
    					"blank" 		=> true,
    					"nodescription" => true,
    					"std"			=> array(
    										array('social_icon'=>'twitter', 'social_icon_link'=>''),
    										array('social_icon'=>'dribbble', 'social_icon_link'=>''),
    					'subelements' 	=> array(
    								"name" 	=> __("Social Icon", 'avia_framework'),
    								"desc" 	=> "",
    								"id" 	=> "social_icon",
    								"type" 	=> "select",
    								"slug"	=> "sidebar",
    								"class" => "av_2columns av_col_1",
    								"subtype" => apply_filters('avf_social_icons_options', array(
    									'500px' 	=> 'five_100_px',
    									'Behance' 	=> 'behance',
    									'Dribbble' 	=> 'dribbble',
    									'Facebook' 	=> 'facebook',
    									'Flickr' 	=> 'flickr',
    									'Google Plus' => 'gplus',
    									'Instagram'  => 'instagram',
    									'LinkedIn' 	=> 'linkedin',
    									'Pinterest' 	=> 'pinterest',
    									'Reddit' 	=> 'reddit',
    									'Skype' 	=> 'skype',
    									'Soundcloud'=> 'soundcloud',
    									'SalesForce1' => 'salesforce1',
    									'Tumblr' 	=> 'tumblr',
    									'Twitter' 	=> 'twitter',
    									'Vimeo' 	=> 'vimeo',
    									'Vk' 		=> 'vk',
    									'Xing' 		=> 'xing',
    									'Youtube'   => 'youtube',
    									__('Special: RSS (add RSS URL, leave blank if you want to use default WordPress RSS feed)', 'avia_framework') => 'rss',
    									__('Special: Email Icon (add your own URL to link to a contact form)', 'avia_framework') => 'mail',
    								"name" 	=> __("Social Icon URL:", 'avia_framework'),
    								"desc" 	=> "",
    								"id" 	=> "social_icon_link",
    								"type" 	=> "text",
    								"slug"	=> "sidebar",
    								"class" => "av_2columns av_col_2"),

    The one that says ‘Salesforce1’ is the custom one that I want available as an option in the #meta_header section, as modified in header settings in the theme appearance section. The above code works, but I want to get that Salesforce1 OUT of enfold and into the child theme. Suggestions thus far haven’t gotten it and I’m not quite sure why not.



    Did you try the following already?

    In functions.php of the child theme put the following and remove it from the parent theme array:

    function my_icon(array $icons)
    $icons['SalesForce1] = 'salesforce1';
    return $icons;
    add_filter('avf_social_icons_options', 'my_icon', 10, 1);


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