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    Through your previous other support answers I have managed to be able to add a header to the top of the blog category pages.

    This has been styled using this code in the archive php:

    <h1 class=”category_archive_title”>
    single_cat_title( ‘Posted in: ‘, true );
    single_month_title( ‘ ‘, true );
    <div class=”category-term-description”>
    <?php echo term_description(); ?>

    This works great – so thank you for that.

    Is there any way to change the basic H1 tag to be the Default Special Heading?

    I am using this style header on all of the other site pages as a header, but can’t seem to be able to apply it on the Archive page.

    Thanks for your assistance.



    Hi bdeller!

    Thank you for using Enfold.

    What do you mean by “Default Special Heading”? This is the heading tag:

    <h1 class=”category_archive_title”>

    Best regards,


    I would like to style the heading on the blog category page to match the heading on the standard site pages.

    The heading style I am using throughout the site has the thin line following the text that runs to the edge of the page.

    As I can’t use a drag and drop special heading on the category pages I have edited the archive.php file and address some additional styling.

    I can match the font size and color on the category page, but don’t know how to get the line also.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks for your assistance.




    Try adding this code to the Quick CSS:

    .category_archive_title{ position: relative; }
    .category_archive_title:after {content: "";width: 85%;height: 1px;background: #e2ead5;display: block;top: 0;position: absolute; top: 14px; right: 0;}



    Thanks for your suggestion and through some of my tweaking I was very nearly there (I have taken it down as the client is reviewing this site today), the issue is that the ‘85% width’ you suggest is about right (83% works for the Coaching page) but this does not work for any of the other category pages, all have longer names than Coaching, the line created spans under the Category title.

    So this line / block length needs to be relative to the size of the word adjacent to it – ie. 100% (100% of the gap between the category name and the remainder of the div/text block).

    Not sure if this is possible, it’s working within the class=’special-heading-border’ and / or div class=’special-heading-inner-border’ which is used on the standard pages, but that might be driven by numerous styling elements.

    I have tried adding these 2 div classes to the archive.php page which does works, but I can’t get the line it creates to be on the same line as the H1 category title, it sits underneath.

    Any other suggestions would be very welcome.

    Thanks for any assistance.


    SOLVED: I believe I have sorted it by applying the same div classes to the h1 tag on my archive.php page as per the standard site page for the special-heading.

    It appears to be working great now.

    Thanks for your assistance, always v appreciated. Not just the support you have given to me directly, but to all your other customers – the answers you have supplied them in the past have proved invaluable to me during my design & development process. Thanks.


    Yes that would work too, be aware though that modifications made to the theme files will be void when you update the theme.


    I will, thanks.

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