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    1. i have a translation engine and i would like to add the translation bar widget to the header. how can i do that?

    2. how to design the sidebar? there is a widget or something?

    3. under “Appearance>widgets” i have the widget areas and a “Enfold Custom Widget Area” option but when i am adding “header” it doesn’t work properly . suggestions?

    4. there is a tool to edit the header/ footer template?





    1. You can add it to header.php somewhere between lines 126-198. Its hard to answer since you state no specifics.

    2. Design a sidebar? Install Enhanced Page Widget will help you style widgets. You use css to style a sidebar.

    3. Custom Widget Area lets you create extra areas that you can show in specific pages locations of the website. You can use a plugin called Widget Logic to show them only on 1 page or a group of pages or to people from Germany only for example.

    4. There are 5 header templates. There is no tool to edit them. You will need to use Chrome Developer Tools to modify the css which is quite easy. Google that term, and make sure you are using Chrome and its installed.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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