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    Hello Kriesi team,
    I am using the Enfold theme. I have a team page with many team members on it. I’m using the Team Member widget through enfold to add the team members. I would like to add a search to the page or some way to easily jump to a member as there are so many and it’s difficult to find the person you are looking for. Is there a way to do this through Enfold, or can you direct me to a plugin that I can add to do this? Thank you for your help! Monica


    Hey CopperCityCreative!

    Please refer to this post – (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -for-single-page-navigation/



    Thank you, Yigit – I’m sorry I don’t see where I can add the anchor when I’m in the team member component. I can change the page so that the team members are in a text block in a column, but don’t see the option to add the anchor there, either. Can you also clarify the steps to add the search to the page after I add the anchors? Thanks again for your help.



    You can add fullwidth sub menu element to your page to navigate through your page and add your team members (which are in groups i am guessing) into color section elements with custom ID’s and have your fullwidth sub menu links link to related sections.
    To search on the same page, you would need to find a plugin.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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