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    Hi there,

    I have tried to find the answer to my question in the forum, but I have not found specific info. Anyway, sorry in advance if there is some topic about this that I have missed.

    Maybe my question is very basic, but I can not find how to do it. I have a main menu and “PORTFOLIO” is one of the menu items (no parent). I would like to add some portfolio entries as submenu items of that menu item, but when going to “Appearance/Menus” I can not find where to add portofolio entries. I can add Pages, Posts, Custom links and Categories as menu/submenu items but, how could I add portfolio entries? Something similar to the structure “Portfolio/Single portfolio: 2/3 slider” in your demo.

    Thanks in advance for your support and help.

    Kind regards,

    PS, Taking advantage of this message, let me please comment this other issue. I have tried to install some extra plugin (e.g. to add some “follow us” buttons in the footer) but, no matter what extra plugin I try to add, wp-admin stars to say “Fatal error – Please reallocate XXXXX bytes in XXXX.php file” after activating any of them, so I have had to restore a previous backup version with that plugin/widget deactivated. Is this something “normal” if working with a localhost? In any case, could you please let me know the plugin that you have installed here on this suppport page (sidebar on the right) to show “Lastest tweets + “Follow @xxxx” button”? I would like to have something like that in my footer so thanks in advance for your orientation.

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    Hey muumi74!

    You can add your portfolio items to your page as custom links :)

    Please try to increase the allocated memory to 128M:
    You can contact your service provider and they can do it for you.



    Hi again, and thanks a lot for your quick reply :)

    Concerning your comments:

    1) Yes, adding portfolio items to my main menu as custom links is an option :) … I was asking you about the posibility of including them directly as “Portfolio entry” type, thinking that this was something possible. I mean, in the structure of the regular Enfold demo, when going to Appearance/Menu to view the different menu items of section “Portfolio”, in the top right corner of the before mentioned elements is shown “Portfolio entry” and not “Custom link”… that is the reason because I thought that adding a “portfolio entry” as a “portfolio entry” type (and not as a “custom link” type) was possible.

    The “problem” when adding my portoflio entries as “custom links” is that currently I’m working in localhost, so I suppose that current “custom links” will not work properly when uploading final version to the server on the web, right?

    2) About the “FATAL ERROR” message, could you please let me know where to add that instruction, define( ‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘128M’ ); if working in localhost?

    3) Finally, about my question regarding the name of the plugin(s) that you are using here (right sidebar of this page) to show Lastest tweets + follow button, any feedback? I would like to have something similar in my site, so thanks a lot in advance for your feedback.

    Thanks a lot in advance and awaiting your news.

    Kind regards



    1. You could try a plugin like WP Migrate DB when you move your site to a live server:

    2. Working on localhost should not be any different than a live server, follow the instructions in the link Yigit sent and you should be able to get the memory increased.

    3. I’m actually not sure what plugin Kriesi has used there but most Twitter plugin should be able to achieve the same thing.



    Go to the Menus page,
    Click on the “Screen Options” tab on the Top Right corner
    and check the “Portfolio Items” checkbox.
    A new option field should appear on the left side
    under the pages & posts boxes


    Hi OhYa1337,

    Thanks for sharing, much appreciated.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for the quick fix, OhYa1337

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