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    I see the shortcode as:

    [av_font_icon color="" icon="221" size="40px" position="left" use_link="{{use_link}}" link="" linktarget="no"]

    How do I use this so I can insert the link to a URL both internal and external? The layout editor doens’t give a link option.


    Hi kcharity,

    Here is an example:

    [av_font_icon color="#8c8c8c" icon="1" size="40px" position="left" use_link="use_link" link="" linktarget="no"]

    Then change the no to yes for opening in a new window.




    I have a follow up question. I can get the link to work, but the icon color when I make it a link defaults to the theme’s link color, in this case splash red, and once i click the link the icon is underlined. I want the link to work as social media button would. any suggestions?


    Hi enester1,

    Do you have a live example we can take a look at? It shouldn’t default as far as I know but there could be a nested case where it does but inspecting the code will let us see either way.



    #125671….all the colors should be different, but are showing up red


    I see what you mean now. Yes it does inherit the site wide link color once it becomes a link. So you want need to target it directly in order to change the color or wrap the icon shortcode in a url from the Text tab instead of adding the link directly to the icon. Eg:

    <a href="">
    [av_font_icon color="#606060" icon="65" size="40px" position="left" link="" linktarget="no"]



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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