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    I have no idea how it changed, it was working, but now my FAQ accordion collapses each time I try to expand it. Help, I’ve just massively announced the site!
    Here’s the link with anchor link to the section:


    Hi leifhansen!

    The link you provided just keeps on loading. Did you add a plugin prior to the issue? Please deactivate all plugins, see if the accordion work.

    Best regards,


    Hmmm, the page works fine for me and others. THe link itself should take you to that section. The accordion list works on this page: http://www.lilaretreat.com/lila-faq/ but doesn’t work on the frontpage towards the end (anchor tag #FAQ = http://www.LilaRetreat.com#FAQ



    It takes forever for the site to load. Please try to deactivate all your plugins. If you have a cache plugin, please flush the settings. I will tag the rest of the support team to check the site.




    Try doing as Ismael said and disable all active plugins. On the home page there are some plugins that are not loading on the other one and my guess is one of theme is causing a conflict with the javascript that runs the toggles.



    Hi guys,
    The conflict seems to be with the Facebook comment slider. I’ve contacted the developer, he’s been really nice, but he is not convinced that the bug is on his side of things. I’ll paste his last email below…not sure what to do next or who needs to fix what! :) I’ll leave the plugin in tact for now (showing that the accordion doesn’t work. When I disable it <it’s the “F” slider on the right> the accordion works.)

    Thank you, I absolutely understand you.
    I checked what I want, but it is difficult to find the issue, because the Facebook Comment Slider works good. (checked some settings but the accordion still doesn’t work properly)
    I agree that, when you activate the Comment Slider plugin, the accordion doesn’t work well, but this doesn’t mean the bug is in the FB Comment Slider plugin, because that is work well.
    The accordion open and close functions are in the accordion plugin and We can solve this problem, when find out the reason of the conflict.
    The first thing is to check the accordion function, what happens when someone click on the open icon, but I can’t make modifications on a plugin, that not mine and probably you also don’t want it.

    I really, really want to help you. I know my plugin and my own source code and if my plugin doesn’t work, I can fix it quickly.
    Therefore, I would like to kindly ask you, please contact with the accordion author and let him know this bug.
    The author of the Accordion plugin can also fix his own plugin quickly, if not, he can enlight me what cause the conflicts and I happy to fix it.

    Usually, if one of my buyers has a problem, I can fix it easily, but I feel myself bad now.
    I hope you understand me.

    If you get an answer from the other author, please let me know.

    Kind regards,



    We are at somewhat of a stalemate unfortunately. Typically in the hierarchy of needs it goes theme>plugins and in this case something with that plugin is causing the theme’s script not to run. It isn’t another plugin, its the theme and the js error can actually be seen when the plugin is live if you view any page with an accordion with dev tools.



    Any suggestions on next steps, or do I just need to find another Facebook slider plugin (unfortuantely that’s the ONE plugin I’ve ever paid for with wordpress..ironic.).


    (In the meantime, a simpler question:)
    Why do my links and all bolded items show as the same color? Seems confusing…
    It seems the Enfold design tab doesn’t give me an option to separate them {all strong tags vs. links} -?



    Yes, both use the same color setting. You can change the color of the strong elements easily though – add following css code to your child theme stylesheet (or insert it into the quik css field) and change the color value

    .main_color strong{
    color: #42a0bd;


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