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    Hey guys

    Another small suggestion…

    I’m using the Accordion element a LOT now since it has FAQ schema markup as a possibility.

    A few things I’ve noticed:

    1. The styling options are a bit confusing to work out which part you’re actually styling. I’m not sure if they could be laid out/explained a little better? Or could the backend “Element Preview” be included for this so you can see a live update of what you’re working on (it could just use dummy content, rather than the actual text content if that’s easier)?

    2. Styling for (almost) all parts of the accordion is in there which is great. Except there is no styling for the +/- Icon Color, except for on Hover. Can we get it for its normal state too? This is something I’m finding I’m always adding via css.

    3. The styling options seem to work a little differently depending on the chosen style (Default, Elegant etc). For instance, the +/- color (in normal state) isn’t affected by any of the current settings for the “Default” or “Elegant” accordion styling. But it is affected in the “Minimal” styling, it gets altered along with the text when using the “Custom Font Color” setting. This gets even more confusing when trying to style things. Could this be consistent across all stylings? And can the +/- always be styled separately to the text? This is often needed for designing.

    4. Any update on getting the Schema output to work in with Yoasts? (https://kriesi.at/support/topic/yoast-schema-integration/)

    Thanks again for all your hard work making this an awesome theme to use.


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    Hey Tim,

    I agree with 1 – 3. Working on a solution to improve it. Icon styling was kept to be backwards comp. with version before adding the new color stylings. But I have an idea to implement it.

    ad 4) I have it in the dev repo – but currently postponed and no ETA.

    Best regards,


    Hi Gunter,

    Brilliant as always, thanks for working to make these small but useful improvements.





    Added a backend preview for the accordion and options to style color of toggle icon independent in normal and active.

    Best regards,


    Brilliant, that will help a lot! Thanks again Gunter.



    You’re welcome – thanks again for your input to improve Enfold.
    Have a great day.

    Best regards,

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