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    Dear Support,

    Any idea, how can we solve this overlapping on mobiles in accordion element?
    The content is overlapping over the plus sign, the element for expanding. I miss a gap or own container, to prevent this.

    Question two: Is any element in Enfold, to have the same behavior on the references as you can see in the attached link?
    Which element can we use?

    Best regards,



    Hey S.,
    Thank you for your patience, I couldn’t find your accordion element on the /referenzen/ page as displayed in your screenshot, is that the correct page?

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike, for Accordions, you can find it here in private content (but it’s on all Enfold installations the same problem)


    Thank you for the link, please try this code in the General Styling ▸ Quick CSS field or in the WordPress ▸ Customize ▸ Additional CSS field:

    #main .togglecontainer .single_toggle .toggler {
    	padding-right: 52px;

    After applying the css, please clear your browser cache and check.

    Best regards,


    Hi Mike, with 55 px its looks nice. Thanks,
    Possible, Kriesi integrate the button inside an own container or something else? I think, all the Enfold-User have this issue?

    Can you answer question #2 as well? Is an element there, what can create such behavior?

    Best regards


    • This reply was modified 2 years, 8 months ago by Hokuspokus.

    Glad this helped, the dev team has added this css to the core, for your second question you could probably achieve this with a masonry element displaying the title & excerpt as an overlay on mouse-over
    you will need to add some custom css to get the same look, try searching the forum as there are many users that have posted their custom css to achieve similar styles, like this one for example.

    Best regards,

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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