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    I am getting distortion when the accordion loads images and the scree resizes. I do not mind the images being resized…I just need them to be proportional or a fixed size…how can I do this?

    here is the link to the page:
    here is the example of one view wish shows the image more proportional:

    here is another that shows the same image very non-proportional


    Hi mocablue!

    When you resize the browser the accordion height changes as well so it should not be distorted. I checked your link but it looks fine on my end. What browser and operating system are you using?



    I am using chrome…and what i notices its that the distortion is only happening on the last frame


    also i tested on several browsers Max and windows and its happening on all of them for the last accordion tab that the images is being distorted based on the size fo the browser window


    Even though these images were all supposed to be the exact same dimensions the last image was around 24 pixels less tall which caused the issue.

    This is officially resolved…all images need to be the same size


    After more research – there is definitely a bug with the accordion slider…the last pane is distorting the image when the window is resized as you can see from the enclosed video. All the other panes do not distort the aspect ratio of the images and they change proportionally. However the last image – which is exactly the same size as all the rest gets non-proportionally scaled when the browser window is resized.

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    this video link pops up with the proper size – seems like it was getting cut off in default enfold link that I posted above. Its the same video exactly just not displaying int he enfold viewer…please right click on the earlier link and open in a new window otherwise enfold cuts it of

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    Please look at this screenshot:

    As you can see, the last accordion item is about 4px wider than the rest of the items but I don’t think 4px is enough to distort the image. And, IMHO, it is barely noticeable. They also have the same height.

    Best regards,


    the problem is it is very noticeable to me because the objects int he image are circular and then they appear depending ont he size of the browser window are oblong and not circular which makes them stand out



    you are using a very old version of the theme. Please update to Enfold v3.1.5 and clear browser cache afterwards.


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