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    Dear people,

    I have a question.. When I put in a a portfolio grid and then select the AJAX portfolio I can select how many items I`d like to show on a portfolio grid page. I can also select pagination yes/no.

    Now the question. What if for example I have 250 portfolio items I select 100 posts per page and NO pagination? Will I get a load more button? Because the thing is I would really like to make a large gallery without pagination but just an infinite scroll. (I know this is possible with the Masonry layout.
    PLease help, thank you!



    Hey tomerus!

    No, that isn’t available at the moment though I know it has been requested a few times already so Kriesi may add it in later on.



    tnx Devin!

    Another question I have and can`t seem to solve.

    Please take a look at this:

    How do I make a portfolio item with the slider pictures exactly like that? Can`t seem to figger this out. Everytime I try this it just gives me the featured image and no other images.. Or is it maybe not a portfolio item but a post?
    Thank you so much!


    All portfolio items are blank slates for you to add in content however you want. On that page, its a 3/4 column element and a 1/4 column element. Then the left column has an image slider in it and the right column has some text and toggle elements.


    Tnx again Devin!!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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