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    I have a problem with the galleries. I would like to create difference album on a single page.
    For exemple I would have a row of different photos displayed with title underneath and when you click on that single photo it opens a lighbox where you can see all the photo (one at a time) that are linked to this photo on my page but are not displayed on the page.
    Or if I click on that photo it redirects me to a page where there are all the photos linked to the one on the page.

    See this website to understand better except that on this site it opens the photos on a slider and I want them on a page or on lightbox.

    I could create that by adding different galleries with the enfold module gallery but the problem is you have little thumbnails underneath or it will display all the photos…

    Any though of how I can do?

    kind regards



    Hey Delphiine!

    You can use the Portfolio custom post type for creating that kind of thing. See: for an example.



    Hi Devin,

    Yes I thought about that but the thing is I have to create a portfolio item for every image I’ll put in the “gallery” and it opens in another page (I don’t want to use the ajax option) .
    What is actually my need is to have something like the gallery with big image and vignette where i can put all the images in one time and have no difficulties to add some and the possibility to open them in lightbox.
    This is actually perfect except that I need this with the vignette underneath…

    I don’t know if it’s something that can be customized via css or if it’s more difficult than that. Let me know if what I ask if possible or not.
    If not I will post that into the enfold feature request section ;-)

    Kind regards,



    I think you may need the pro version of NextGen Gallery



    I had a look at nextgen gallery and the free version does what I want. But it’s more complicated to set up than just adding the enfold gallery module (I won’t be the one running the site after it’s done) + I liked the look of enfold features.
    So I was just wondering if I could have the gallery that comes with vignettes underneath without the vignettes. That would be perfect!

    Kind regards,



    I don’t think the theme has anything like what you are describing. You can try going through the demo gallery options and see if anything displayed fits what you need however.


    Hi Devin,

    Actually there is, it’s the gallery with small vignette because you can add as many photos as you like and if you click on one they open in lightbox and you can for throughout all of the photos added to gallery.
    But my problem is the small vignette underneath that king of gallery..Is there away to have this gallery model without the little vignette underneath? It’s actually my question since the beginning.

    If yes by css for example, I’ll be glad to know how not to display the vignettes.
    If no, just let me know so I’ll be sure that what I ask is not possible…that’s all I want to know.

    Kind regards,



    Can you link to what you mean on the demo site? I’m just not clear on what type of gallery you are describing from your description. The theme doesn’t have any vignette overlay effects on any of the images and I’m not sure what a vignette under an image would be.



    On Homepage it’s the gallery next to “Some enfold core features”. This type of gallery allows me to add as manny image I want and when I click on on they open in light boxes.
    My “problem” is I’d like to be able to have the same gallery but with no vignette underneath. I’d have just the image in the big square and when I click in the lightbox I could see all the images I have put in my gallery.
    I think what I mean is : does this gallery can act as an album?

    To get rid of the vignettes underneath the big picture I was wondering if I needed a developer to do that kind of customization or if it could be done by css.

    Thanks a lot.




    Please post the link of the website. I think you forgot to place the link on your last post. We usually suggest users to hire someone when the customization or feature requires hours of work. You can visit




    I am sorry but Devin asked me to tell him where on demo the gallery I talk about could be seen. So the homepage is the one on ENFOLD demo and not my site.

    I’m just asking an easy question here and I cannot seem to have an answer to that so I rephrase it again.

    Is it possible to have this gallery module that you can see on screenshot and here on your demo site:
    Next to the section called “some enfold core features”
    Without the vignettes underneath?
    Yes or No? Css or customization more complicated by a developer?

    Kind regards,



    Hello Delphiline,

    I’m a bit of an Enfold ‘newbie’, but read the support section for tips and advice.

    From reading your question, I think that maybe you are using the word ‘vignette’ where perhaps you mean ‘thumbnail image’?

    I suspect that English is not your first language – a ‘vignette’ is an effect used on a picture, where the edges fade out gradually to white (or any other colour), giving a very soft look to the image.

    A ‘thumbnail’ is a small image, often used in galleries to save space on the page. Users click on the small ‘thumbnail’ to show the larger image – as in the Enfold gallery example JPG you’ve linked to.


    Hi Niels,

    Thank you for your help!! I understand where it could have been confusing..Your right I’m not a native english..
    The thing is my enfold is translated in french so when i select the gallery it tells me in french “big picture with “vignette” underneath” and I was sure in english I had already seen that word and thought it was the right one. But you are right, I mean thumbnail !!! ;-)
    Won’t make the same mistake again now. Thanks for explaining me what a vignette was in English, it was really helpful and interesting.



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