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    Could you please help with the following:

    1) How do I remove the title/breadcrumbs bar from the home page only – like in the live demo?

    2) How do i create child themes if that is a way to fix problems like the above? I tried creating one but had an error regarding incomplete parent template.

    3) My main menu does not highlight the same as the live demo nor does it have the search on the right of the menu. There is no colour bar under the menu items when highlighted and the search tool is missing.

    4) I looked but have been unable to find certain features listed such as the Mega Menu, also the shortcodes drop down only has 2 items listed in it.

    5) I tried selecting some text in the content editor and making the text colour black, it does not work. I also tried adding the code by hand in the Text mode but this also didn’t work.

    Thanks in advance!


    Hi ntoklo,

    1) In your main theme options set the home page to the page you want to be act as the home page. On that page, set the layout to something that doesn’t use the regular page layout.

    Otherwise we could use some css to specifically remove them.

    2) I’m not a big fan of child themes with themes like Kriesi’s simple because you can do so much with the built in options and the custom.css file/Quick CSS field. For most changes, you shouldn’t need one.

    3) You need to have at least one dropdown menu item for the highlight to appear.

    4) The mega menu is created using the regular wordpress menus manager. The documentation outlines the basics of setting one up. If you aren’t seeing all of the shortcode options, disable all active plugins to make sure one of theme isn’t causing a conflict. (note, if this is while using the Advanced layout editor, you can’t use the other shortcodes inside a text block, you need to use the editor elements for layout etc).

    5) Inside text elements the editor seems to clear out individual color styling but I’ll have to ask Kriesi to check into that and see if it needs to be patched or if there is another method for it.

    Overall, if you aren’t comfortable with the overall settings I would recommend setting up an empty testing installation of WordPress and using the themes “import dummy data” option so that you have a reference for how everything is set up that you can look through the settings for.

    If you have not set up a lot of options/page/content on your live site, you can just use it there to import all the settings from the demo.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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