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    Site URL – tiperdev dot techcore dot com dot au — running Enfold 2.3

    1. Since the upgrade to 2.2, the Enfold Contact form (see Contact page) sends the subject entered in the form rather than the one configured when editing the form (either the default prefix or one custom set). This has broken my mail filters for site related email.

    Fix provided below.

    2. The IE8 changes in 2.2+ have made my 2-word menu item wrap, but it wraps far below the menu and on top of my layer slider. See “Owners Gallery” in the below image.

    Fix provided below.

    3. The layerslider icons have cruddy square boxes and look terrible in IE8.

    4. The image elements in my first content panel are not displaying on IE8. They appear to be hidden once I make them hyperlinks. See below image for what I mean (view the same site in Firefox or IE10 to see it working as expected).

    5. The logo image is enlarged on IE8 but shrinks properly on all other browsers. I worked around this problem by shrinking my logo image to 257x78px, which appears to be the default for the toolbar im using (any other size causes scaling). I’m not sure why you don’t suggest this in the Enfold settings panel?

    These problems have been reproduced on my prod and dev sites on multiple PCs and Browsers. Any advice appreciated.

    edit: I just validated that these occur on 2.3 and 2.2.


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    Hi Jason!

    We’ll need to see the site live to inspect the code and see whats going on. There were some specific changes to the menu in 2.3 so make sure you’ve also cleared all cache for the site, and caching plugins and just re-iterate we’ll need to see the site live.

    Best regards,


    I put the Site URL bold in the first post – tiperdev dot techcore dot com dot au

    All caches are cleared and caching plugins deactivated. As I said, the problems occurred in 2.2 also.




    Re 2) – please set a minimal width for the menu items. It seems like IE8 has problems with the link size. I first thought it’s related to my “resize” function but the issue occurs even if I remove/deactivate it.

    Try to insert following code into the quick css field

    #top .main_menu .menu>li>a {min-width: 100px\9;}

    and increase the px value if necessary (i.e. set it to 120px).

    Best regards,


    Is that \9 supposed to be in there?

    100px is too wide for the other menu items (ie. FAQ) and blows the menu way too wide.




    Yes – see (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) -with-4-characters/

    Alternatively you can use a conditional comment in the head section (header.php)

    <!--[if lt IE 9]>
    #top .main_menu .menu>li>a {min-width: 100px;}

    If you want to change the min.size for each item individually use the menu item id which can be found in the source code to target them – i.e

    #top .main_menu .menu li#menu-item-14 a {min-width: 100px;}

    would just set the min-size attribute for the menu item with the id 14.



    Hi Peter,

    edit: Using the \9 trick in the Quick CSS box somehow strips the \. I had to use \\. It’s now targeting IE8.

    Should this hack be necessary in the first place?

    What about the other issues I identified?


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    After some debugging I found the css rule which seems to break the meno for IE8 users. Try to add following code to the quick css field

    .main_menu .menu li a { max-width:none; }

    and remove the hack I posted above to make sure that the code works for you.



    Unfortunately that does not work. It appears IE8 adds too much padding or something.

    Any ideas on the other items? Haven’t had any suggestions. The form one being the most important, image links not appearing being close behind. The site has a huge blank white panel when viewed on IE8.



    I think it would be easiest if we can just log in and take a look at your page structure live. The home page seems off and typically, even in IE8 with the theme I don’t have anywhere near as many issues as you are running into with the general layout.

    Also quickly fix the css from Peter above from:
    main_menu .menu li a { max-width:none; }
    .main_menu .menu li a { max-width:none; }

    The . at the start makes it not work at all.


    Why would a menu issue require a login to my site? You can replicate it by copying my top level nav into a test site, using at least one item with a space.

    This is a theme bug that has nothing to do with my content.

    You still haven’t answered my other questions :-(


    I log in to somewhere around 2k sites a year so its pretty standard and normal. If I try and re-create what you have it takes an issue that could be under 20 minutes to fix to hours.

    Seeing it first hand in your environment will allow me, or any other support member to see exactly what is happening on your specific installation and set up.

    The css fix above is only fixing what we asked you to already add in to your theme. If you don’t want to do it thats fine but it will be included in the next theme release.


    Please understand my position here as your customer. I am trying to run a site here, not update theme CSS after an update breaks core parts of my site. I paid top dollar for a good theme and specifically avoided customising any part of the theme code to avoid this kind of issue.

    Why would you need access to my site content to work on an issue with the contact form? It’s in one of the default pages. Also, why you need it to debug an issue with an image being hidden is a little beyond me. Same goes for the layerslider icons.

    Which of my issues in the OP are “vauge” and need clarification? Nobody has asked me to clarify anything so far!

    If you are adamant that you need site access it will take me a few days to set up a site I am comfortable having a stranger access. Never before in 15 years of IT has a vendor needed login credentials to my site to fix a bug in their code.

    Thanks for confirming the CSS fix for issue 2 will be in the next version.




    Since 2.3 Enfold will use the “Subject” field content as “subject text” if it’s not empty. Otherwise it will use your custom subject or a default subject message. If you always want to use the custom subject text (even if the user enters a different text into the subject field) add following code to the functions.php file (at the very bottom):

    add_filter('avf_form_subject','avia_change_mail_subject', 10, 3);
    avia_change_mail_subject( $subject, $new_post, $form_params){
    $subject = $form_params['subject'];
    return $subject ;

    I’ll ask Kriesi to contact the layerslider plugin authors regarding the icons. Not sure if they can improve the styling for IE8 users because the buttons use css3 code which is not supported by IE8.



    Thanks Peter.

    If you have any idea why the images in my first content pane (inside the 3x 1/3 columns) aren’t showing on IE8 please let me know. It has something to do with making them links, if I remove the anchor tag the images come back.

    That’s the last remaining issue I found with 2.2+.






    Personally I can’t reproduce the issue on my pc but I tagged the thread for the other support staff members – maybe they can reproduce it and provide a css fix.

    Best regards,


    Did you try in IE8? It has failed on every PC i’ve tried.



    Yes but unfortunately I don’t have a native install of IE8. I tested it with IETester and IE10 developer console and both showed the images.



    Seeing it first hand from the WordPress backend is the quickest and easiest way to offer support when the issue isn’t apparent from the front end or isn’t happening when we re-create it on our own dev installations. It isn’t abnormal and I along with the other support crew have done it a half dozen times for various topics here within the last day alone.

    You may also want to try updating to 2.3.2 of the theme and definitely update WordPress to 3.6.1 because it was a security update.


    Upgraded both. Issue still exists.

    How can you diagnose support issues for IE8 if you don’t have access to the browser? Can’t you get a VM?




    Seeing as it’s been THREE WEEKS and you haven’t even tried to resolve the main issue above, I fired up an XP VM with IE8 and had a look.

    On line 151 of base.css you set the img tag to display: inline-block;. This is not supported on IE8.

    Would appreciate if you could fix this in 2.3.3 / 2.4…

    edit: I think your shiv .js is also doing something to mess with the images, as a quick css fix for this works during page load but the images disappear after the page is loaded :(

    The last remaining issue is the Layerslider icon boxes having a square border. Would appreciate some kind of response on this.


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    I have IE8 installed native on a computer here and once again you are experiencing issues the vast majority of the 10k users of the theme are not.

    With a clean install of the theme the issues you are getting are just not happening which is why I wanted to originally see how your set up was from the back end and then try and figure out where the difference is and what might be causing the issues.


    You wont reproduce the issue unless you use the same content. You need three 1/3 columns, within each a text block containing an image, and then to make the image a link. I guarantee you will reproduce the issue if you try this.


    • This reply was modified 4 years ago by  Jason.

    Ok. was able to finally find and reproduce the problem here. its actually the missing width attribute (seriously IE?)

    make the img and a img in base.css read:

    	img, a img {
    		padding: 0;
    		max-width: 100%;
    		image-rendering: optimizeQuality;

    and it should work fine. this fix will be added to the next release


    Legendary. That’s fixed it here too. Weird that display-block wasn’t the culprit. Thanks heaps for your help and persistence.

    A surprisingly large portion of my customers use IE8, so this was an important one to fix for me.


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