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    I would like to have a Special Heading style that uses double lines instead of a single line. I tried to figure this out, but something conflicted with the theme’s code. Got the double lines (top border and bottom border) to work but it was wrapping to another line. Tried taking the code from Chrome – couldn’t get it to work.

    I don’t expect you to write code for me … but could you give me a clue about where your styles are in the css and dependancies and such?

    Or, just a clue on where I can see the code behind the short code for Special Heading. When I open sample demo docs in WP – it goes to the ALB and I can’t see any code.

    Did I miss this in the documentation.

    Is there a video or tutorial for this these of customization? Something more than just changing a color.

    Sorry – but you can understand how difficult and how long it would take for me to “back interpret” all the Enfold CSS. Not what I anticipate when purchasing a theme. At least, not what I’ve come to expect.



    Thank you for using Enfold.

    You can find the shortcodes on config-templatebuilder > avia-shortcodes folder. If you want to create a double line, edit heading.php on the said folder then look for this code on line 232:

    $output .= 		"<div class='special-heading-border'><div class='special-heading-inner-border' {$border_styling}></div></div>";

    Below, add another border line:

    $output .= 		"<div class='special-heading-border'><div class='special-heading-inner-border' {$border_styling}></div></div>";

    On Quick CSS, add this:

    .av-special-heading-h3 .special-heading-border {
    height: 1em;

    All of the shortcode styling can be found on css > shortcodes.css and the basic theme layout on css > layout.css.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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