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    Hello hello!

    I’m super happy with the theme and everything is cool, there are just some small
    things that I wanted to ask about:

    – I wanted to REMOVE the feature image from the post itself but adding:
    .single-portfolio .page-thumb {
    display: none;

    did nothing. Any ideas?
    – I also want to remove “You might also like” from the bottom. Any ideas on how to do that?
    – I’m also a big fan of the Portfolio Slideshow plugin (http://wordpress.org/plugins/portfolio-slideshow/)
    Is it possible to deactive the normal slideshow on certain pages? (the portfolio slideshow one is a bit faster and that makes viewing storyboards smoother in transition)

    Again, thanks for making a great theme and for reading this,



    Hi supervga!

    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under Styling tab

    #top .fullsize .template-blog .blog-meta, .related_posts { display: none, }

    I am not familiar with Portfolio Slideshow plugin, you may need to hire a freelance developer to achieve what you would like to achieve if you really need it :)



    HI Yigit!

    I added the code but it did nothing.
    – The feature image is still in the post and
    – YOU MIGHT LIKE is still written as well

    And my question regarding the plug in was more about the current lightbox.
    Is there a way to disable to lightbox?

    all the best,



    1.) Are you trying to remove the featured image on portfolio or your blog posts? What type of Blog Style are you using?

    .single .big-preview.single-big, .single  .small-preview {
    display: none;

    2.) To disable the lightbox, edit js > avia.js and find this code on line 55:

    //activates the prettyphoto lightbox

    Replace it with:

    //activates the prettyphoto lightbox

    Remove browser cache then reload the page a few times.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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