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    I installed bbpress and have following issues:
    1. there is no sidebar. I have added widgets to sidebar “Forum” but there is still no sidebar visible on forum page or forum index. How can I fix it?
    2. forums index page is called “Forums”. How can I change it to something else?
    3. I want to add some description over forums index page. How can I do it
    4. there is search over forums list. How can I remove it, as I want it to be in sidebar?
    5. Do you know where can I change some words in bbpress? Like change “topic” to “ticket” and “forum” to “product”


    Hey Bogusz!

    This support forum is for theme-related issues, it is better if you post these questions in the bbPress support forum:



    Hi Josue,

    I believe that questions 1 and 4 are Theme related, so please help me with them. Others I will ask on bbpress forums.


    Hi, managed to fix point 4. Point 1 is still to be fixed.


    Hi Again,

    I have managed to rename all phrases besides one which I think is theme specific. There is a page title under logo on every page and on the bbpress index it says “Forums”, how can I change it to something else?

    I have found another issue. When editing a forum in back end (admin panel) there is no possiblity to use Advances layout editor. What might be the cause?



    The bbpress layout is controlled by how you set up the plugin. The advanced layout editor is not supported for bbpress either so there isn’t any layouts or anything like that which could be created with it.

    The page title and general page layout of the bbpress pages can be changed by following the documentation from bbpress here: http://codex.bbpress.org/theme-compatibility/

    You’ll find the theme already has some css and functions in place to style it but more in depth customization is definitely possible.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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