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    Hi Enfold Team

    I tried to update the Enfold theme via FTP and the child theme according to your guideline: (other updates were not possible)

    After executing all the steps the site was not working anymore. I received a critical error message and could not login in. We have backups and are able to rollback.

    Can you pls help me and try to update the Enfold theme incl. child theme via FTP and let me know if you receive the same error? You can do it at anytime from now on.

    Pls find login credentials for FTP below

    Thanks a lot!


    Hey nordkamm,

    The lost Theme Options menu is caused by WordPress 5.5 which has removed jQuery migrate which is used by Enfold and below.
    To temporarily fix this, you can install and activate this plugin: Enable jQuery Migrate Helper
    This issue is addressed in the latest version of Enfold (if you plan to update now then make a backup first), once updated you can safely remove the plugin unless it’s other plugins also use jQuery Migrate file.
    Best regards,


    Hi Nikko

    Thanks for you reply. In fact the lost theme option would have been another issue I wanted to discuss.

    I tried to update the theme but as described above it did not work at all. I could not loign afterwards,
    Can you help me updating the theme? I have a backup.



    Hi Bernhard,

    I think it will be pretty risky to try to update your live site since you mentioned that you cannot login afterwards.
    Would it be okay if you can create a staging site first? then we’ll try to update it and try to fix issues there first and document it.
    Then once it’s good on the staging site then we’ll proceed with updating your live site?
    Also since it’s pretty late now, I would able to get back to you after several hours.

    Best regards,


    Hi Nikko

    I installed the pluging. Now I can see again the Theme Options. Under the update section it tells me that I am running the latest version 4.5.4. But this is not the latest enfold version. It is

    Can someone please help me to upgrade? I did this maually via FTP according the Enfold description but it did not. work. This was the 3rd time that I tried and I need to know if it is working if Enfold is doing it or where the problem is.

    I have a backup.



    Hi Bernhard,

    I see, I have updated it to the latest version and everything seems to work well.
    Please check and let us know if you need further assistance.

    Best regards,


    Ok thanks Nikko – what have I done wrong?

    1. I deleted the enfold folder on the FTP and copied the new downloaded folder from envato to the same location
    2. Out of the Envato folder I copied the following files to the Child Theme folder .DS_Store , functions.php, styles.css, screenshot.png

    If you can see a mistake here pls let me know. I do not always want to ask you guys in future for this little task … I feel a bit stupid :)



    Hi Bernhard,

    Actually, I don’t see anything wrong with your method, you just don’t need to update the child theme, only the parent theme.
    Also .DS_Store is not important (it’s generated by Mac), you can skip it.
    This is what I did:
    Login to ThemeForest and download the Enfold theme.
    1. Right-click over the downloaded zip file and extract/unzip it.
    2. It should generate a new folder, open it and look for the enfold folder
    3. Right-click the enfold folder then zip it, here’s a tutorial on how to create a zip file in windows: https://www.howtogeek.com/668409/how-to-zip-and-unzip-files-on-windows-10/ (this should create enfold.zip
    4. Log in to WordPress as and Admin.
    5. Install and activate a maintenance plugin and put your site in Maintenance mode.
    6. Go to Appearance > Themes, switch to a default WordPress theme like TwentyTwenty then delete Enfold.
    7. Click on the ADD NEW button.
    8. Click on the UPLOAD THEME button.
    9. Click BROWSE and choose enfold.zip file
    10. Click the INSTALL NOW button and switch to Enfold or your child theme.
    11. Remove the maintenance mode then deactivate and remove the maintenance plugin.

    Best regards,


    Thanks NIkko

    I love your support. I m sure with your instruction I can update it next time on my own.

    Ticket can be closed with a smile :)



    Some hints on updating via ftp:

    I do not replace the enfold folder installed – i rename it and upload the new enfold. So if there are troubles like you have it is just a few steps to get back to your former version.


    Hi Bernhard,

    We’re happy to hear that and always glad that we could help :)
    Also checkout Guenni007’s advice.

    @guenni007 Thanks for helping out :)

    Best regards,

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