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    Trying to add a blog to an Enfold website.
    On the development site
    you will notice that clicking on the post author “Jamie Wyant” yields a 404 error. In addition, I notice the tab (Firefox) reads “Nothing found for Author Jaybo”
    1. Where did Jaybo come from? I am the only User on this account. The WP Nickname is “Jamie”
    2. What do I need to do to get to the Author archive?

    Also noticed that my avatar isn’t showing up.


    PS I miss being able to search the forum from within Enfold folder.


    Please add this question to the list: Where does the Blog Posts content element pick up author gravitar and bio information from?




    1) Please check your user profile page (Users > Your Profil). On this page you can change your Nickname and the “Display name publicly as” option which helps you to switch between the nickname and the username. “Jaybo” is probably the username of the author “Jamie Wyant” because the link points to and wordpress always uses the username for the author page slug (because the username must be unique and it’s like an ID). If the link to the archive page doesn’t work try to flush the permalinks. Go to Settings > Permalinks and hit the “Save” button.

    2) Afaik there’s a “Biographical Info” field on the profile page. You can insert any text into it and it will be displayed next to the author image. The avatar is the default wordpress avatar and is loaded from gravatar: – it’s connected the the author email address and if you change the email address you also need to change the email address on your profile page..

    Best regards,


    1. Sorry, I am well aware of the User Profile and that’s why I mentioned that I am the only user. My nickname is Jamie and there are no other profiles. The user name is jgwyant.

    2. I used Jaybo as a nickname briefly on this site a couple of years ago, belng before I switched to Enfold. Why has it shown up now?

    3. I also flushed the permalinks — repeatedly.

    4. I know where the gravitar comes from. I know how it works. I’ve used mine for years on end. I have a bio on and the same bio on the WP install. It isn’t being used. But it isn’t showing up.

    5. On the active site, for which is my test site, a bio I used years ago (on another site) is showing up –

    I think for some reason Enfold isn’t picking up the most recent database entry for author information.

    So back to you.



    Does it gets fixed if you switch back to the default WordPress Theme?



    Hello back Josue,

    The default theme works as expected – the archive is displayed. Switch back to Enfold and author archive still generates a 404 error. I am less worried about this than I was, because the problem does not show up on our live site, just the development installation.



    If its working on the live site but not on the development it sounds like either a difference in a cached setting, .htaccess that isn’t getting flushed or a difference in a plugin setting.



    I think it was a problem on the WP side. I just backed everything up and did a new WP install to solve the issue.

    Thanks for the help. I don’t know how to indicate this problem is resolved with the new forum.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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