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    Hi all,

    I recently switched to Enfold for a content website and have a couple of questions.

    1. Blog title: It always keeps saying “Blog – latest news”: How can I change that to something else (Post title or Category)

    2. Breadcrumbs: Currently it shows a “/”, but how can I change it to ” >> ” as it does in the header preview?

    3. Breadcrumbs: Do not seem to show the category a post is in, My permalink settings = /%category%/%postname%/
    So I have: Home / Blog Post
    But I want: Home / Category / Blog Post
    Is this normal behaviour? Can I change that?

    4. While having 400+ posts, It doesn’t show any related posts. Is crawling for indexing needed for this to work? (I am testing on a subfolder before launching)

    Thanks in advance for your response!


    Hi Fiscalio ;
    # 1 you can find the answer (and more) here :


    Thanks begrafiks,

    That nailed #1!



    2.) You can edit functions-enfold.php. Look for this code then change the separator value:

    if($breadcrumb) $additions .= avia_breadcrumbs(array('separator' => '/', 'richsnippet' => true));

    3.) The breadcrumb should show the first category of the post by default. Please give us a link to a post with the issue.

    4.) Related posts will show if two posts have the same or related tags.



    Hi Ismael,
    Thanks for your help.

    #4: in that case everything ok (I don’t have any tags yet).

    #2: Breadcrumb separator seems ok, this has to be done in the main theme itself? (I tried copying it in child theme but the change didn’t have any effect).

    #3: //removed//
    Permalinks (updated them again to be sure) still are set to /%category%/%postname%/

    Hope you have an idea!

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    2.) You can copy the whole avia_title function inside the child theme’s functions.php.

    3.) Did you add any breadcrumb modifications? Please post the login detail here. We would like to check it.


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    It looks like it’s fixed. I published my frontpage, chose the page as my frontpage and the breadcrumbs changed too and now display the category! No need to login anymore :)

    Additional question: Is there an option of quick code I can use to avoid date displays when I use “magazine” (title+excerpt) in pagebuilder?



    Use the following:

    time.av-magazine-time {
        display: none;



    css … why didn’t I think of this!

    Thanks for all the help Josue and Ismael, my site is up and running.


    You are welcome, glad we could help :)


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