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    Recently I see 3 dots appear in the icon boxes below the icon box title but above the icon box text. Strangely, these dots are only visible if I make the page as my “Frontpage” in the “Frontpage Settings”. The web page appears just fine if you you go directly to the page url.

    I included the page url in the ‘private section’. The icon boxes in question are the “Airport Transfer Services for Conferences” and “Conference Shuttle Bus Services”. They will appear correctly if enter the url directly, but they will appear with the 3 dots if you set the page as the “Frontpage”.


    Hey KingTours!

    I could not see dots when i checked your website. I have attached a screenshot in private content field.
    Are you using any browser add-ons? If so, please try disabling them and check if that helps.



    The dots only appear if I set the page as my “Frontpage”. It appears perfectly fine when you looked because I did not have it set as my “Frontpage”.

    For the sake of resolving this issue, I have just set the page as my “Frontpage” so that you can see the issue. Please see http://kingtours.ca/ .
    You will now notice these 3 dots.



    I still cannot see any dots – http://i.imgur.com/0S0V4j6.png
    Have you tried disabling browser add-ons or tried checking your website on a different browser?
    Also, which browser and OS are you using?

    Best regards,


    I have checked the website on my phone, home computer, work computer, and different web browsers. Friends have also commented that they see the dots.

    I am using chrome, firefox, and android.

    Dots: http://imgur.com/gallery/LJsEXsO



    Please keep this page as your frontpage – http://kingtours.ca/. I asked my teammates to check your website.

    Best regards,



    There is this container called “adsbygoogle”, probably added by a plugin. Try to add this in the Quick CSS field:

    .adsbygoogle {
        display: none !important;

    Best regards,

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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