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    Hi guys,

    There are 2 very annoying bugs that are driving me crazy :)

    1. When entering “Styling” under Enfold, the fonts change automatically to “web save fonts” and I have to set it back to Lucida.

    2. When editing a Text Block, the styling reset to regular text, meaning Paragraph, Regular Color, etc. Everytime I have to change it back to the specific styling I wanted for that text box. This happens even if I’m

    Thanks a lot, I really hope I’m the only one having these difficulties,



    Hi Eran,

    I’ve not run across that happening before. What version of the theme and WordPress do you have installed and what other plugins are running?




    The newest version, of both. A few plugins are running.

    I already sent Ismael my login credential to look into a different issue -

    If possible, it will be nice if he could look into this issue as well.

    Thanks a lot guys.


    I have a feeling that the issues may be related to a plugin allowing admins to see a different theme than what is live. Typically, without being able to disable all active plugins it is unlikely we can find the root cause of a bug since it could be from any number of plugin conflicts or a specific configuration for a plugin.

    I’ll tag Ismael on the topic since he already has the login but without the flexibility to check the theme without any interference I’m not sure we can find a fix.

    Also please make sure that you are using version 2.1 of Enfold and WordPress 3.6 since the newest version as you’ve said doesn’t actually mentioned *which* newest version :)




    2.1 + 3.6.1

    btw, right now the 2nd bug occurs only on IE (9, to be exact). The 1st bug ocurs on both IE & Chrome.

    As for not using Theme Test Drive, once RTL support is launched I’ll switch to Enfold, right now I can’t because the website is in Hebrew.


    btw, why was the other topic closed? It’s not solved yet



    I opened the topic again.




    It’s closed again



    Regarding this issue:

    Please add this on your custom.css or Quick CSS;

    .simple-social-icons ul li {
    margin: 5px;
    float: left;
    display: inline-block;
    clear: none !important;




    Thanks a lot, it works


    The only thing I can suggest is to install the them by itself in a new sub domain, sub folder or separate WordPress installation and test out the text editor/advanced layout editor without any plugin conflicts.

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