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    Hello! first tell you, I think I’m in love with this template! It is incredible!
    Here the question: I was watching the forum and I’m not sure I find what I need.
    I want a header like this:

    One logo margin on the left and two logos (together on one single image) margin on the right

    I dont have many skills writing css, That is why I am writing to you. It is possible?
    What is the best way? use an entire image with all these logos? or separate and marginalize as I mentioned before?

    Biggest logo is 180px high.

    I also like that in mobile devices look good … too much to ask??


    sorry, here is the link to the image:



    In WordPress dashboard please go to Appearance > Editor and open Header.php file and find

    echo avia_logo(AVIA_BASE_URL.'images/layout/logo.png', false, 'strong');

    and add this code right above it ( sorry cant post the code here it switches to HTML. Change link to your image and add some class, in this case .bok
    Then please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under Styling tab

    img .bok { float: right; }

    That should do it



    Hi Yigit! thanks for the quick response on a Sunday!
    I did what you told me:
    • add this line of code in header.php
    • add this line of code bok img {float: right;}. On Quick CSS

    But now I have this problem, here I attached a picture.

    how can I fix this?



    If you only want the one logo in your header then you don’t need to do the above at all. Just set the logo in the theme options.



    Devin Hi thanks for your answer.
    Maybe I did not explain well, I do not speak english very well, forget the logos.
    I’ll try to be more simple:
    I want to replace the logo for one header of 1300x180px.How can i do?



    Simply upload it as logo then post the link to your website so we can provide you custom CSS code



    here it is



    Please add following code to Quick CSS in Enfold theme options under Styling tab

    .logo, .logo a { height: 180px; }
    .bottom_nav_header.social_header #header_main .container { height: 179px; }



    Thanks Yigit. It works perfect.
    One last thing to achieve perfection: How can I remove the empty space above the logo / header?
    (Attached picture: )



    Please add following code to Quick CSS as well

    #header_meta { display: none; }



    Thank you so much! It works perfect!

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