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    I’ve just installed the Enfold demo 1 page restaurant to test at link below but the full width slider display is blank, the logo does not display and the content displays weirdly in different browsers – not contained in sections and not with title fonts not visible against backgrounds etc.

    However if I go to edit this page, I see all the content and images etc do seem to be correctly there and loaded.

    I haven’t added any plugins or content myself it is just a clean WP install and this demo.

    Please advise how to resolve and get it to look like the demo.

    Access included in Private Content.

    Thanks for your support.


    PS Location map and contact and reservation forms also do not display either in this demo.



    Please update Enfold to the latest version 3.0.4 –



    Hi Yigit,
    Thanks for your quick reply. I updated as suggested and it solved the missing images and slider – great thanks, however the layout is still weird even after I cleared the browser caches:

    • The logo still doesn’t display,
    • About Us headers can’t be seen and there is an empty white thumb box displaying before the image thumbs there,
    • a background image is half covering the header “Lunch Menu” and
    • there is a big white gap before Select a table & book now section.

    Please advise, thanks again.



    Please add this to Quick CSS:


    #top .av_header_transparency.av_alternate_logo_active .logo a > img {
    opacity: 1;

    About Us:
    I can see the font, although you might think about changing the color:

    You are using this image as first thumbnail:

    You can’t see it on your website, because it’s white on white background.

    Lunch menu:
    I can’t see any header with “Lunch Menu”
    -> Please always provide us screenshots

    White space:
    There seems to be the element “Special Heading”. Maybe you added it unintentionally. Please check in Avia Layout Builder.



    Hi Andy,
    Thanks that worked. For anyone else, the original demo seemed to have imported the images as backgrounds to the wrong sections so dark header texts could not be seen against dark background images. I manually reset the image background order and this in itself fixed the header visibility issues.

    Now I have another issue:

    1) The google map shows the icons but not the map background in the Contact section at

    2) Also if it possible to set the default email delivery address for all contact forms in 1 place, so that I can leave the individual ones blank? I noticed the email didn’t come if I didn’t enter the field per form.




    1.) which Enfold version are you using? please update to the newest one.
    Also try to deactivate all plugins, to see if one is causing the issue.
    Also maybe this link could help you:

    2.) I don’t get what you mean. What do you want to achieve? and what it not working exactly?


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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