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  • in reply to: Any way to get rid of the sidebar on a blog post? #52760

    Im actually trying to achieve the same thing … I looked for that string in the single.php page but couldnt find it. I only found the get_sidebar entry.

    I actually was able to create a custom template called no_sidebar.php and it seems to work here …

    BUT … i cant seem to get it to fill the entire screen. The google calendar I have is only 550px but it needs to be around 800 so its easier to read. I think I might need to adjust the css file but not sure what entry to adjust or add.

    Thanks in advance!

    in reply to: help! make it more attractive for sponsors and visitors #47356

    Helder, I like the way you moved the seach down to just above the first menu and made the logo larger! … any chance you could share that css with me? my url is

    Your site is looking great!

    in reply to: Images #47281

    I deleted everything including the database and uninstalled wordpress .. reinstalled and created a new database and now I can see the images on the home page and in my posts! … Something was wrong with the widgets … There were no right menus available … well its all good now! Thanks

    One other question … I want to make the logo larger … right now its about 95px high, is there a way to double the size of that header area so you can insert a larger logo? if I insert a larger one now it just goes over the first menu

    Thanks again!

    in reply to: Images #47280

    You’re right. The images where there but they were removed. I wanted to restore the theme to its original state, factory default if you will. So I deleted the theme and all its files …. but that didnt work. I just uploaded the images again and they appear once again. However the post are still not showing on the home page …. You will also notice the logo is to large for the header, I tried to fix that by adjusting the style.css sheet to the following …




    #top .logo, #top .logo a{







    border: none;

    padding: 0;


    z-index: 10;


    But this didnt make any changes … The logo on my home page is 150 x 167

    The only active plugin is jetpack …. and I havent made any changes to it.

    Thanks a million for your help

    in reply to: Restore #47233

    Thanks for your help! … I love this theme and Im starting to get the hang of it! Still struggling with the images … I will start a new thread about that.

    Thanks again!


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