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    Correct, basically what it does is this: You have a block on your page where you’ve loaded say the five most recent blog posts:

    <div id='latest-posts' class='content'>
         <div id='post-one'>... </div
         <div id='post-two'>... </div>
         <a href='link-to-next-posts'>Older Posts</a>

    So the javacript is fetching thet content from that next link and appending it to the containing div (#latest-posts). You need to make sure that you’re targeting an existing element on your page. For me there was a block with the class .content applied to it. On your page you’ll want to see what the parent element of the content you want to autoload is.

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    The .content() selector is just looking for a div with that class applied so it could be that the class names have changed and you’ll need to adjust. Here’s a link to it in use:

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    I’m not sure. It’s still live on the site I did it for but I don’t know how current their version of Enfold is. It’s just javascript though so unless it’s causes an conflicts (check the Chrome dev console) it should still work.

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    We have a working solution, I was just hoping to figure out what was causing the underlying issue. Why would a long URL in a nav menu cause the fullwidth slider to stop working? Is it a jQuery issue? Something in the way the slider is coded?

    A nav menu link and an image slider wouldn’t seem to be connected in any way so it’s a pretty hard one for anyone else who runs into it to figure out. Just trying to get to what the underlying problem is.


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    Hi Rikard,

    You can’t actually, we already corrected it. The issue was a couple of links that had been added to the main nav menu of the site that were using custom URLs to link directly to publicly accessible Google docs. That resulted in URLs like

    That’s an actual link to a doc. If you try it locally on a page that has a full width easy slider you’ll see the slider stops showing and the console shows a jQuery error.

    Again, we corrected by simply using to shorten those links as you suggested earlier.

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    I just ran into this same issue. Someone had added a couple of links to a nav menu that pointed to Google docs so very long URL. Using to shorten them restored the fullwidth easy slider but I’m curious to know why this breaks it.

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    Hi Rikard,

    Thanks for the reply, found the issue and it wasn’t Enfold — conflict with another stylesheet being loaded.

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    Is that a requirement for the latest version of Enfold? I put in my original issue that this particular server is currently running 5.6.36 and they didn’t make any mention of that being an issue. Just want to confirm that 7.1 is an actual hard requirement.


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    Thanks. I’m going to have to clone that network and test locally. If you leave this thread open I’ll post back when I find the issue in case it helps anyone else.

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    Hi Rikard,

    I don’t have a staging version of the site. As I said, it’s a network of sites and the individual site owners have a limited ability to add and configure plugins on a per-site basis. Short of cloning the entire network and then trying to disable various plugins, etc. there isn’t any practical way to test. Given that the older version of Enfold works and the newer one doesn’t when paired with the exact same set up there’s obviously some change in the new version of Enfold that is incompatible, so perhaps a change log would be a helpful starting point. Again, I’m not seeing any console errors like you’d expect if there were a script conflict, but knowing what changed in the latest versions of Enfold might help track down where the error is occurring.


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    Hi Rikard,

    Not sure if it’s “fixed”. With the CSS rules I posted above and having restarted Chrome it’s working correctly now. Just have to see if it crops back up again at some point. Chrome can end up sucking huge amounts of memory so I’m just guessing that it was affecting the animation performance and causing the uneven transitions, but that’s only a guess.

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    It seems like it might actually be due to a Chrome memory usage issue or something of that nature. I completely quit Chrome and opened just the one page and it is displaying correctly even after multiple cycles through the posts. Previously force refreshing might make it work correctly for a cycle or two but the problem would crop back up.

    Same issue here. I know responsive tables can be tricky — I’ve had to hand code plenty of them myself in the past. Like the other poster, I don’t think telling us that we should use another plugin is an acceptable answer. There are any number of issues with using other plugins, not the least of which is having to tell clients that they shouldn’t use the built-in table tool. TablePress, btw, is not fully responsive either (tryit on a phone).

    I really like Enfold and use it on a lot of projects now and I do understand that something like this might take some time to implement, but if you have no intention of doing so then you should at the least make it clear that your tables are not fully reponsive — including right in the table builder itself. The scrolling option is completely useless on a phone by the way — make a five or six column table with a dozen rows and try it yourself, you’ll see what I mean.

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    Beautiful! Looks like that works great and a lot less complicated than my modifications. Thanks so much for the help. This is why I only build in Enfold these days (and actually have been recommending it to students I’m teaching WP to).

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    What country are you connecting from? I’m using WordFence to block non-US IP addresses since all of the customers for this particular platform are US-based.

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    Hi Ismael,

    Thanks for the response but that’s not the issue. If you choose to have the logo and nav menu in the left sidebar the CSS accomplishes that by using absolutely positioned divs. So if the nav menu is longer than the main content it will extend beyond the containing div and overlap whatever background you have set.

    I made some changes via CSS to fix it but it seems like a bug with Enfold — it only displays as expected if the main content is longer than the sidebar.

    /** Fixes to the left sidebar logo and nav menu */
    .html_header_sidebar #top #header{
    .html_header_left #main{
    .responsive.html_header_left #main{
    /* All Mobile Sizes (devices and browser) */
    @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {	
    	.responsive.html_header_left #main{
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