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    How can I ad an SWF to an advertising sidebar area? I see you mentioned that the ad widgets don’t support flash, so how can I accomplish this, what widget do I use and how do I reference to the SWF in the media? Appreciate your help – the JPEG ad I’m trying to swap for SWF is located here — – top right, Village Square.


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    Display everywhere does work, but our ads are being placed by their respective subject (category). Widget Logic did not work for me. We ended up hiring a developer to do some custom mods to get this working, so far so good, though there are still some issues. Would have been nice to have this feature working from the start, really set us back quite a bit in our deadline and we had to lay out some cash to get it working properly.

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    I’ll email you with login info so we can be sure what’s going on.



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    Where is this edit for the Newscast theme? I don’t see an “advertising_widget.php”.



    … never mind, found it. :)

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    Ok, I got it figured out. Playing around with Dev Tools in Firefox, found that it’s linked to “.catnav li” …. not “.nav li”, once I made that change the color popped up. Thanks for getting me in the right direction with the mod, without your help I probably wouldn’t have figured out how to make this happen.

    Much appreciated!


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    Hey guys, no luck. I viewed the source and I’m using style3.css – I put the following at the bottom of the style sheet …

    .nav li a[href=””] {

    background-color: #8e86a6;


    … but it doesn’t change. Just out of curiosity, I tried 1/2/4.css as well, and no luck.

    Is there something I’m doing wrong? Or is there another area that needs to be edited?

    I’ll turn off Maintenance Mode so you can look at the URL —

    Appreciate your help.



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    Very cool Chris, thank you for your assistance, I’ll give this a whirl.

    Appreciate the help!


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    Unfortunately I can’t, it’s being hidden in Maintenance Mode, we don’t want to make it visible until the launch date. I believe I got it figured out, using Web Developer via Firefox and modified the below CSS for the overflow to be visible instead of hidden, and it did the trick. I also adjusted the margin between ad entries to tighten up the spacing between ads.

    .sidebar .box{


    padding:0 0 10px 0;

    overflow: visible;



    .fullwidth_sidebar .link_list_item2{

    margin:15px 0 1px;

    If I should have done this differently, I would appreciate your help. I have a question regarding the navigation – but I’ll post that as a separate entry to not mix with this one.



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    Ok, we’re close. I changed it to …

    .link_list img{





    The height seems to have taken, but the width looks to be stuck on 125px. Here’s a screenshot —

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    Awesome, thanks Dude! Will give this a try.


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