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    Why do you need access to my backend for clarification?

    I simply imported your demo content. And the Easy Slider is simply not a Full Width Slider.

    Surely you can simply tell me what I need to do.

    in reply to: AdSense & Avia-Builder #1212970

    Now what? Is there nothing more to come?


    Kriesi used to be great.

    But “success” has made you arrogant.

    in reply to: AdSense & Avia-Builder #1212312

    Seriously? You’re asking me what code I want to put in?
    So you’re answering a question you haven’t read?
    It’s very clear: AdSense code.
    Would you find such a support great for you, where your time comes with unnecessary questions and answers that are not very helpful?
    You may find me rude now. No, I am not. Just disappointed with the way they are handling my request.

    Here, once again:
    “Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a solution to my problem in the search: how do I place the AdSense code on pages?
    I have tried Code-Block; it does not work. I tried “Insert Html Snippet” and Text-Block; it doesn’t work.
    What do I have to do to insert AdSense ads on my page with Avia Builder?
    What are the specific procedures?”

    in reply to: AdSense & Avia-Builder #1212181

    Unfortunately, this does not solve the problem. The integration of AdSense with the help of widgets is in my opinion not a perfect solution and leads to unsightly designs.

    OK, then I will inform myself in other sources.

    As a customer with five licenses it is not satisfying to get only a link to a banal text as an answer instead of seriously addressing the question in terms of content.

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    in reply to: AdSense & Avia-Builder #1212075

    Hello Kriesi, no answer, no help?

    in reply to: How can I delete "Kategorie" & "Schlagwörter at a Product? #1183821

    Unfortunately I cannot give a URL, because the page is under construction.

    The point is that when viewing an item in the shop, the “category” and “keywords” are always listed next to the item number under the buy button.

    What do I have to do to hide this information?
    Best regards, Andreas

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