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  • Works fine!

    How can we find the name of the widgets? (as in your example .news-link)

    => I want to know the name of the Links-widget.

    Kind regards,


    in reply to: Titels in combination with Icons Display problem #57465

    Is it possible that it has something to do with the png-icons i use?

    Should it be .ico icons? or in other format?



    in reply to: Templates Disappeared #47417

    When you use (payable) Backup-Buddy-plugin to make your backup, it will work… (but first read the requirements of your hosting-server,… Because in some cases this backup-plugin won’t work on specific hosts ( will work).

    I bought it and it works fine (including the dynamic-template-pages are included in the backup!



    Hi Dude,

    you are the greatest!

    Works like charm again!;-)



    in reply to: Contact-form not working #56597

    Hi dude,

    i’ve imported the contact-form.php again (original) and it works fine again!

    Thank you for the advice! Maybe indeed a plugin-install can mess some things up… but it’s owkay again!



    in reply to: Sexybookmarks: change language #56668


    I experienced that the plugin is even better thand I thought he was and that the language is linked to the language of your internet-browser.

    I viewed my site at the office and there it was all in the right language!

    Sorry for the inconvenience & the post! (but mayby this is usefull info for others too)

    Ps: only the ‘Like’-button of facebook is not the correct icon when browsing in Safari… (Just a grey weird icon)




    Thanks Dude!

    in reply to: Image as background in header & Menu-bar #55480

    Worked perfectly Chris!

    Thank you very much…



    in reply to: Image as background in header & Menu-bar #55478

    Thanks for your reply!! Works like charm!!

    Now I’m using an image for my header on which my logo is already on. So I removed my logo in my Theme-options.

    When no logo is assigned in the options, it is showing your default logo of brightbox.

    How can I disable the code of showing this default logo (when no logo is assigned in theme-options)?

    I tried this:

    In Header.php => uncomment: echo avia_logo();

    => but then it’s also not showing my Header-image anymore…



    Hey Dude,

    thanks for your answer…

    I found the perfect solution that is working for me. Maybe also interesting for other readers:

    1) I’ve installed a newer plugin “Category Icons Lite”

    2) Put the code explained on this page ( in the “class-framework-widgets.php”

    => and replaced the echo $image with that line of code

    Working perfect until now!



    Maybe… I have to ask another question (because the solution above is a kind of “work-around”:

    When I work with the Brightbox Theme and with the “Category-icons”-plugin, this plugin is working well and gets the selected icon for the posts…

    But the “Brightbox Latest News”-widget isn’t picking the icons up when no image attached to the post…

    And I really want to use this latest news plugin because it’s look is the most complete for me…

    Thanks for your reply already!




    and something simular for moving the search widget? And the social netword icons? (RSS, facebook,…)



    in reply to: Different background color header/footer #53765


    it is working perfectly (when I add this to the quick ccs fiefd.

    thank you for the help!!


    in reply to: Different background color header/footer #53763

    Hi Chris,

    I’m afraid it’s not that simple? Or am I wrong?

    When I add this code (at the end of the style.css-file, my header and footer still have te same color as if specified in the theme-options.

    What can I be doing wrong?

    Thanks already for your previous reply!



    in reply to: Use Icons on your blog #53402

    Hi, this is the answer I got from one of the sellers (but maybe just everytime check the license info…)

    Greets & thanks for the answer.


    That means that you can’t use the icons on commercial websites, you need to buy a license to use them. Unless is a website of a non-profit organization

    Thank you for your message.

    in reply to: Mega menu border – icons in mega menu #53166

    1) All Right sparky!! That works fine!!;-))

    2) Unfortunately it does not work.

    When I replace the picuture in the ftp-folder: It works for the menu-down-arrow.png, but when I do the same with the menu-arrow.png, it does not appear in my mega-menu!

    I think it has something to do with my primary color in my theme-layout-settings = #fff. Is this possible? And if yes, how can i fix this?

    3) How can I get the menu-item-number of a specific link/title in the mega-menu?

    Thans for your previous quick reply already!!

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